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China Rush3-- 2012 SPOILERS and LIVE sightings!

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--- Quote from: supah3ro on September 03, 2012, 07:14:50 AM ---After doing my independent sleuthing, I have discovered that the Final 5 teams for this season are *WARNING MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD*
Show contentShow contentRyan & Charlie (Harvard Graduates)Show contentShow contentKarin & Janelle (Socialites)Show contentShow contentZhang Yelin & Li Yang (Dating/Engaged?)Show contentShow contentLiu Weiwei & Lei Sheng (Trainers)Show contentShow contentChristine & Steven (Models)
Sorry to disappoint anyone  :'(

--- End quote ---
This list (which is either speculative or true, depending on how supah3ro conducted his sleuthing and if he wishes to divulge that indo) has been right so far... if the twins are next to go then at least we know that supah3ro did an EXCELLENT sleuthing. ;D


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