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China Rush3-- 2012 SPOILERS and LIVE sightings!

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--- Quote from: ZouLy on July 19, 2012, 09:14:14 PM ---
--- Quote from: jiajia12 on June 20, 2012, 12:25:53 PM ---Go Rob and JiaJia :-[

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Wonder who is he..?!?!  are you...? wait....     :oh :stare :umn:

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Dunno if I should fuel this speculative fire (and it may very well be moved to spec or another thread later) but jiajia12 hasn't posted from December 2011 to April 1, 2012. jiajia12 has resumed posting on April 2... not sure if Rob and JiaJia from CR3 went home after they were sadly eliminated on the starting line.

In summary, if jiajia12 is the racer JiaJia, :waves: and thanks for posting here!
If not, sorry for speculating... :-[

After doing my independent sleuthing, I have discovered that the Final 5 teams for this season are *WARNING MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD*
Show contentShow contentRyan & Charlie (Harvard Graduates)Show contentShow contentKarin & Janelle (Socialites)Show contentShow contentZhang Yelin & Li Yang (Dating/Engaged?)Show contentShow contentLiu Weiwei & Lei Sheng (Trainers)Show contentShow contentChristine & Steven (Models)
Sorry to disappoint anyone  :'(

Please everyone... spoiler bars in the spoiler threads are NOT necessary.

And any presumed final list etc really should have the available supporting evidence (photos etc) posted as well in order to be considered correct. We pride ourselves on FACTS...If it is speculative and there is no evidence, they that should be clear as well. Sourced evidence can be attributed to an un-named source.  But let's try to provide some actual evidence to back up findings whenever possible.

amazinglatinoamericafan: this photo looks like in the final look some eliminated team in jeans

I'm not tremendous at vidcaps, but for those of you who watch China Rush on ICS online, there is usually a China Rush commercial during the China Rush breaks (that's an odd advertising principle?) that highlights some of the upcoming challenges/teams. 

If we assume that we know most of the major challenges in next week's HuangShan leg (waterfall climbing, counting characters (?)) from the end of leg preview, it's pretty safe to say that the following teams survive next week's episode:

Karen and Janelle
Ryan and Charlie
Khai Shing and Khai Sheng
Christine and Steven (which we already know thanks to the Taiwan spoiler)


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