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China Rush3-- 2012 SPOILERS and LIVE sightings!

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--- Quote from: weihen on April 01, 2012, 11:14:25 PM ---From Weibo:
"I'm here-Ferry near Jinling East Rd ,Amazing Race starting at the Bund?"

--- End quote ---

Speaking of the ferry,

There are scheduled ferryboats between East Jinling Road Ferry Dock / The Bund in Puxi and Dongchang Road Ferry Dock in Pudong. 

Walk toward Huangpu River from East Nanjing Road and turn right to walk down along the Bund, East Jinling Road Ferry Dock can be seen soon. Dongchang Road Ferry Dock is about 10-15 minutes' walk south of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower.

I'm still speculating about the rooftop possibility  :lol:

there are several hotels that could be hired to use their rooftop as a shooting place... below is an example of The Swatch Art Peace Hotel Terrace


looks like that we got 2 buses :lol:
And there will be starting line task this season...

I might be too early for the teams but let's have shot on recognizing them...  :jam:

there's one person standing next to the red-lined guy on the far right...

another couple of people standing in front of orange-lined people...covered....

and could this accidentally be a team?!?!



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