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S24 EP 8 "Just Annihilate Them"

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Prior to the episode, reading the episode preview made me nervous that a girl was going, since they mentioned "power player" and technically, the girls are the smarter ones this season. I thought that Kim would be blind-sided, but she totally owned this episode. It's so scheming of her to turn Troyzan against Mike for no good reason, but you know what, I totally loved it! She seems to be doing these little sneaky things but for some reason, I don't find her a villainous person at all and I'm rooting for her and Chelsea all the way. And Sabrina too!

The way I see it, Kim is going to the Final Three. But we see next week that the guys fight back, so I don't dare to keep my hopes too high. I just really hope that the girls will stick together to the end and no one from there flips. I'm worried about Kat, Alicia and Christina flipping, since they're the more "useless" girls and the guys might manage to convince them to take out the powerhouse girls in Kim, Chelsea and Sabrina.

I actually liked it that Alicia and Christina voted for Tarzan. I have no idea why they did so, but the fact that they voted differently from the other girls subtly sends a message that the girls are not really together, thus easing the paranoia from the guys. I personally think that it's a smart move, whether done intentionally or for another reason. I'm surprised that Jay voted for Mike though. But that shows that he's willing to be tight with the girls.

This season is exciting! It makes me wonder every week who's going to get voted off. It's no different for next week. Please let the girls own this season and leave the guys with no chance of fighting back! Hee.

Supposedly, Alicia and Christina voted for Greg/TarZAN because they were told that Michael may have had an idol or something. It was either that, or they weren't in on it either, but I'd say the first one is more likely


Great last episode - this is the way Surivor is meant to be  :tup: So glad The Coulton Creep is long gone, now it's a show, not his putrid commentary.

Most fun was watching the video on the cbs forum of Jonas and Mike re-uniting with no hard feelings at Ponderosa. 

So is Kim now going to pull off a Parvarti??????


Kandace - Way OT but love your picture icon of Courtney with the "Winning" caption.  What a she-devil and he is clueless to what she is really about.  Her actions on Bachelor were wicked but Ben is blinded by her being a model.  Lost complete respect for him for succombing to her act of childlike sweetness when she is anything BUT sweet.


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