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Re: Hell's Kitchen 10
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HK10, Ep. 20, Finale

This was decision time for Justin and Christina. The time from selection of the brigades was punctuated by Clemenza deserting Justin but returning, although how much help will he really provide in crunch time? 10 hours of prepping proceeded. The finalists had to present all their final dishes to Ramsay, but only three were shown on the telecast. Just before that, Clemenza was shown burning crostini and having to redo it quickly. Those were:

Christina – scallops, asparagus risotto, charred corn, crabmeat salad, jicama, jalapeno, ginger, coconut, pork loin, braised collard greens
Justin – cod with basil beurre blanc, rib-eye withcrispy kale, salmon Sambucca
Ramsay gave both of them specific suggestions to improve their dishes or presentation.

Once dinner service started and Hell’s Kitchen was opened for the 140th time, production of appetizers was limited in both kitchens by the screw-ups of individuals helping Christina and helping Justin. Dana could not get scallops right, which meant that Barbie’s perfect risotto was wasted (after she had botched one). Dana overcooked halibut and Royce had trouble with his crabcake undercooked in the middle.

At the end of the entrees, Barbie overcooked 5 rib-eye and then ran out of steak to make replacements. Justin had to decide to substitute, with customer agreement, 2 filet mignons for rib-eyes.

Overall, there was no turmoil related to the production of Kimmie or Patrick.  Royce had some confessional room admissions indicating that he had a bad attitude. Clemenza also had one as well as raw salmon and raw ravioli. Dana got into one verbal altercation with Christina when she refused to cook what may have been halibut over again. Sous Chef Andi intervened and told Dana off before Christina could. For the final table, Dana had a raw center on pork and Christina made the right decision to redo the entire set of orders.

The performance in the final dinner service appeared to be even to me. If true that means that Ramsay made his decision based on prior episodes. He acknowledged Justin’s superior palate and Christina’s leadership skills. The nod went to Christina, who won the bonus of $250,000 (anyone who believes that’s a viable first-year salary is deluded) plus the job of head chef at Gordon Ramsay Steak at the Paris in Las Vegas.