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Elimination Predictions Week 4

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I just don't know who will leave tonight. I agree with Ruth, there were five standing ovations from the judges. I think perhaps Heejun. He did do well with his song and was more serious about competing and I applaud that change. Last week he looked like he knew he was going home and had accepted it. I also agree with Stevie Nicks, last week he was trying to appear not to care to hide his feelings.

Elise performed beyond belief last night, it was her best ever performance for me and Phil was right behind her. Hollie had a great night singing "Jesus Take The Wheel". I was afraid she would not do it justice but she did.

I didn't care much for DeAndre's choice of song but he did well with it. Interesting the J Lo asked us to vote for him what does she know that we don't know?

I love Jessica and while she sang beautifully, I didn't like her choice of song. Is that an oxymoron?  :lol: It is how I saw it though, it just wasn't a knockout song for her. 

We could indeed see the save used tonight!

Awwww Hollie and Skylar in the bottom three. I'm getting more and more convinced that we'll have a fifth male winner in a row... It'll either be Phillip or Colton. I'm leaning towards the former.

I didn't really expect Heejun to leave tonight. But while I loved his performance last night, I wasn't too sad over his departure. Jimmy's right, he's not as good as the other contestants and he'll leave within the next two weeks anyway, so I was actually glad that it was him who left and not someone else, like Hollie. Wished it'd been Deandre instead though, but I guess he does have a solid fanbase.

Deandre and Joshua/Elise (interchangeably) will probably be the next two boots. I really hope that Deandre leaves next week and the judges don't save him. Hee. But if Joshua leaves, I'm certain that the judges will jump to save him.

I have no words to describe my feelings right now.

The one thing that makes me happy for Heejun is that he will go on the tour!  :hoot: He will gain experience with performing and gain stage presence and that can only help him become better. Also he will be able to perform songs that are suitable for him not some silly genre that is completely wrong for him.

Great. This is the third person I had to cross off my list. I was disappointed that Heejun left and Hollie was in the bottom, but I didn't care for Skylar. Thankfully Elise is sticking around, her voice is getting heard. We need to get rid of that Deandre!  (:;)


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