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Net5 in the Netherlands has announced that yet another version of Peking Express is about to start airing on their network on April 1st. Net5 last filmed a version of Peking express in 2008 according to their web site, so this is a returning version after a long absence.  :conf:

The filming of this version slipped by us when they were filming the French version of Pekin Express (the two versions are spelled differently) because both versions apparently used the same production staff and filmed in mostly the same countries. The French version went to South Korea, the Philippines and Australia, while the Dutch version only went to South Korea and the Philippines. This development actually clears up a mystery that had been bothering me since the filming of Pekin Express ended. At that time I came across information that some of the French Pekin Express crew were heading back to the Philippines for about 2 weeks of additional filming. I couldn't make any sense of it at the time, so I forgot about it. Now it's clear they were going back to film the Dutch version of Peking Express. This show has 7 teams racing and they are different people than in the French version from the clips I've seen. The French version was an All Star season. The clips from Net5 suggest that this is a season with people that haven't been on the show before. One team is even shown introducing themselves to each other, so they may be a team of strangers.

Promo clips can be seen at and there are a few pictures from South Korea at

If there is enough interest around here, we can try to provide links to the episodes as they run, either from Net5 or on Youtube, if we can find them there. Topita has volunteered to provide episode summaries and she has a lead on possibly getting some subtitled clips (there are already a couple of subtitled promos floating around).

What I've seen so far looks interesting. Peking Express is not exactly the same as The Amazing Race. It makes the teams use more ingenuity and thought than TAR. Teams only get 1 Euro per day for expenses so they have to depend on convincing strangers to give them rides, money or meals and perhaps a place to spend the night if they can't arrive at the next pit stop immediately. I've never seen either Pekin Express or Peking Express, but I'm interested in seeing how the differences affect the show.

If any of you are interested in following Peking Express, let us know here and we'll try to keep a flow of information about the show.

Thanks Plaidmoon for your great introduction!  :tup:

I think you captured it all in a nutshell so great job on that!  :tup:
The subtitled promos were basically subtitled by me though.  :lol3:

Yes 'Peking Express' can be seen as a variation on TAR.
It's not quite the same but there are 'intersections' ( in TAR terms  :lol: ) i.e. there are similarities as well as differences.
The show is originally Dutch- Belgian in fact. Now it seems we have both a French as well as a Dutch series in 2012.  :)

In a nutshell, contestants get 1,- per day to hitchhike to given destinations, where they are supposed to perform challenges.
Usually (if previous series are an indication for this one anyway) not the kind of jumping out of airplanes.
Mostly the challenges involve thinking on your feet, interacting with the locals and integrating/learning from their culture.
This way you get to see interesting parts of the country's culture you wouldn't 'usually' see when passing by as a tourist or even on a TAR race.
The contestants have to find their own shelter to stay overnight as well as food. Which makes you appreciate the differences in culture or even just luck of the draw.

So it's not so much about hopping onto an earlier flight as it is about be arranging the right transportation by themselves in an unknown environment with a language/culture barrier, using people skills, linguistic skills or simply being smart about how to hitch the next ride to where you are going.
In previous series there has been a NEL every other episode (i.e.  each two episodes 1 duo gets eliminated) , hence only 7 duos (and 8 in the French series).  :)

Basically this show has the same elements TAR has, and then some, in terms of the pressure being on on the contestants dealing with a low budget to make it all the way through.  :)
Oh and yeah, they are in a RACE! Against each other.  :lol:
So basically the same as TAR though bringing slightly different elements to the mix..  ;)

As Plaidmoon said you could all see the episodes by means of the links to them.
I would be willing to provide subtitled promos as well as recapping the episodes wrt the main events.  :)
If anyone has any additional questions or would like to know more about a certain part I could fill in and explain, no problem.  :)

Please do let us know if you would be interested in watching this.  :)
If so, I will continue translating promos and posting links (to the actual episodes, to be viewed online) with recaps on the episodes so you would know what is going on in general, also monitoring and answering any questions you might have. :)

Here are the two previously mentioned promos with subtitles  :)

So, this is not the Korea-Philippines-Australia one isn't it?

is the Belgium version already aired?

No, neither have aired yet. You can find the Belgian/French one in that thread.

This one will go to South Korea and the Philippines but not Aus.

I've watched the first episode. It was quite amusing, though some couples were very irritating.


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