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S24 Ep 7 'The Beauty in a Merge'

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--- Quote from: scruffs on March 30, 2012, 03:52:42 AM ---So he busted his plan by saying he'll vote Mike?

--- End quote ---

Actually, his plan wouldn't have work either way. No one was going to vote for Mike without a reason.

If his case was against Tarzan, he might have a 60% chance of surviving.


--- Quote from: Ruth on March 30, 2012, 04:38:44 AM ---I'm really loving this season! I think we have a good mix of people. Mean, annoying, strong, weak, smart, likeable... They're all there. I think that Kim is emerging as the master manipulator this season. I hope that it plays out for good instead of biting her in the butt. Right now, I feel that the girls have the advantage. But I hope that the tides don't change! I'm a little unhappy that Troyzan found the Idol, have never rooted for him. I hope that the Idol doesn't knock out one of the girl powerhouses...

Kim! Chelsea! Sabrina! Kat! All the way!!!!!!! And I'm starting to like Jay. He's a decent, down-to-earth guy. But girl power!

--- End quote ---

Now that the obnoxious Colton is gone, I too am LOVING this season.  There are some great players, and now that they've merged, the alliances will become tricky and interesting.

Troyzan could barely hide his jublilation at finding the idol; thought for sure his expressions would give it away.  I find him likeable though and this "hidden" power could take him to the end.


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