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Elimination Predictions Week 3

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--- Quote from: eragon on March 24, 2012, 11:39:05 AM ---I wasn't really surprised when Erika went home. I don't understand too why she doesn't have a fan base (and Elise too). They have great voices, better than DeAndre, Joshua and Heejun.

I think it's gonna be a Phillip-Colton-Jessica final three for me. They have huge fan base which could really help them get to the top of the competition. But in the end, I think Phillip will win (another WGWG winner :lol: ). I think Hollie's becoming too predictable. I agree that she's Pia Toscano v2.0. Always singing ballads and I think America doesn't really like those artists. For me, Hollie performed the worst this week with DeAndre and Heejun.

I won't be shocked if Elise will leave next. She only survived this week because she got a standing ovation from the judges (and she deserved it), but she doesn't have solid fans (maybe now that Erika's gone, their votes might go to Elise and do a Haley during AI10).
But I'm really hoping that DeAndre or Joshua leaves next week.

--- End quote ---
Do you mean that Hollie is Pia Toscano  v2.0.? Nah, you're thinking of Jessica (at least I hoped you meant Jessica). Personally, I like Hollie over Jessica simply because she isn't a boring balladette and her performances aren't annoyingly pimped. As for Philip, he hasn't really had a standout performance, and if this continues, he'll meet the same fate as Casey Abrams. Colton isn't one of my favorites, but he's staying near the top tier of performances, so we'll see. Skylar is another girl that I want out, mostly because I don't like country and she makes me snore. Same for Joshua, his spot on the top is starting to decline, and I don't really care for raspy, somewhat hoarse voices. And Elise might stick around, hopefully, as long as she pulls of spectacular performances. I'm just praying she never sings Whitney Houston again.
I would make an Elimination Predictions Week 4, but I'm too lazy at the moment.


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