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I cannot remember what it is called

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Did you see the previews for the show that is coming up where the moms are switched? They put like this white mom with an African American family and swap the African American  mom to live with the white family! I saw the previews and it was hilarious! Did anyone else see this and what is it called? I love it and absolutely have to watch it!


--- Quote ---I cannot remember what it is called
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LOL ..Wendy ..theres two shows coming up Fox & ABC are both doing it..ABC's is called Wife Swap..* can't think of Foxes at the moment *

Yes! That's it! How long do they swap for? I totally want to sign uo for that!

LMAO..are you kidding Wendy??

No! I mean, if I had a strict lady who could come in and whip my home into shape I am all for it....  :;>)


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