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S24 EP 6 "Thanks For The Souvenir"

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--- Quote from: scruffs on March 26, 2012, 09:58:35 AM ---I just think its too early for a merge... Hmmm... 12 people in the merge?

--- End quote ---

with a nine person Jury and an F3, it works :tup:

It has been like this since they changed it to a nine-person jury. I think you find it soon because we only have 18 Survivors this season? In some other seasons they had 20..

And to think they used to only have 16 players. :lol:

Oh yeah, I forgot about Kat. :lol:

On Episode 2, she was HORRIBLE. But for this episode, she was HILARIOUS! :lol3:

 :lol: I guess I'm not really a detailed Survivor fan.


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