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this is a no joke, guys.  I'd saw this today on wikipedia today and according to that website there'll be a Vietnamese version of TAR!  And this is the latest TAR franchise after Norway and Philippines.  So here's a news link about it but it's written in Vietnamese and if someone could translate it:

on that case, will there be no more new season of TAR Asia in the future? :ascared

Here's how Google translates that news story.

Dustin Nguyen as MC 'interesting race States'
The actor first assumed the role as both mentor and directed television programs 'The Amazing Race' version of Vietnam.

The Amazing Race is a reality TV show is born in America. The program consists of several teams, each team has two people together through the implementation stage in many different locations around the world. The teams had to travel by various means such as aircraft, helicopters, buses, trucks, bicycles, trains, boats or on foot ... to collect the instructions and place next to each stage. This journey lasted continuously for 25 to 30 days. Best team in the final stages of the award-winning program.

Shortly after its inception, The Amazing Race has attracted audience quickly through the scene is done entirely in external action and characterized.

Actor Dustin Nguyen served as MC and director during the first organized program 'exciting race' in Vietnam.

To date the program was broadcast to the 20th season and still be considered "food" appealing to TV viewers. The program was authorized producers around the world from Europe, Asia, Australia, the Middle East to Latin America.

The Amazing Race 8 times Primetime Emmy Award award in the category TV program brings the reality competition. Emmy Award is the first important award in the broadcast industry, which is comparable to the Oscars in film or music Grammy.

During the first organization in Vietnam, Vietnam The Amazing Race is the name of the race interesting. Specifically, the program for 10 teams, each team of two people will have the opportunity to experience something new, exciting journey through the challenging locations to highlight the cultural, natural and people throughout the regions of Vietnam. The teams competed together for 30 consecutive days and types slowly each team in the implementation stage. Team on target early in the final leg to win.

Producer, director and actor Dustin Nguyen served as host and race director for the exciting first season. He will accompany the students and waiting for the rest of the team at each stage.

Share it on his new role, the actor said to mai: "Format of the interesting race requires States to shoot in the great context of the production workload complexity. Production process This program is quite close to making a movie. The program also offers air action should be as close and fascinated me. By long I was a fan of The Amazing Race. This assigned concurrently as a director who led a race Vietnamese version is really challenging but also very interesting to me. "

Teams of The Amazing Race includes 2 people. They could be brothers, spouse, lover, father or friends, colleagues ...

The program began selecting candidates to choose from between March 10 official teams. Teams can play the lover, spouse, father, friends, colleagues ... They will not know the location as well as what challenges await you in each race. However, with quick judgment and skillful handling of the situation, strength, endurance to withstand the pressures of time and climate change ... the team will decide its position. The prize for the best team in the last stage is 300 million.

The first episode of The Amazing Race - The race interesting Vietnamese version aired 13 episodes on consecutive days 20h VTV3 on Friday every week starting 18/5 and is expected to end on 10/8.

Obviously the translation could be better. This story sounds like it's already been filmed. I wonder if this is the version that was filming in the Philippines after Pekin Express wrapped up. There were reports of another version being filmed there.

As for TAR Asia being affected, I doubt it. TAR Asia is on AXN and this is on VTV. Different networks, so probably one doesn't affect the other too much.


Amazing Race to be launched in VN

HA NOI Reality game show 'The Amazing Race' will be organised for the first time in Viet Nam.
Viet Nam Television (VTV) and the BHD Company have bought the rights to the show, in which teams of two people race around the country in competition with other teams, from Disney Media Distribution.
Participants will be recruited by the BHD Company from this month, and all Vietnamese and foreigners living in the country can join.
The original series has aired in the US since 2001 and has earned twelve Primetime Emmy Awards for "Outstanding Reality Competition Programme".
The Amazing Race - Asian version - in 2008 featured some filming in Viet Nam.
Contestants strive to arrive first at 'pit stops' at the end of each leg of the race to win prizes and to avoid coming in last, which carries the possibility of elimination or a significant disadvantage in the following leg.
Contestants travel to and within multiple regions in a variety of transportation modes, including planes, balloons, helicopters, trucks, bicycles, taxi cabs, personal cars, jeeps, trains, buses, boats and by foot. The participants will race through 11 cities and provinces in the country.
Clues provided in each leg lead the teams to the next destination or direct them to perform a task, either together or by a single member. These challenges are related in some way to the local region or culture. Teams are progressively eliminated until three are left and at that point, the team that arrives first in the final leg is awarded the grand prize.
Director and actor Dustin Nguyen, who is known for his roles in Dong Mau Anh Hung (The Rebel) and Canh Dong Bat Tan (The Floating Lives), will host and direct the game show.
"The show will be shot in an exciting way, as it's produced like a movie with action scenes, and that attracted me to this project," he said.
The Vietnamese format Amazing Race will air 13 episodes on VTV3 every Fridays from May 18. -VNS

It's very interesting!

Wiki Page for this new show :


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