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S24 EP 4 "Bum-Puzzled"

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Glamazon Racer:
I found the comment about Helen Keller to be really offensive. I found all of those comments to be repulsive. (:;) (:;) (:;)

Okay, if I were to choose between Russell and Colton, I'll choose Colton. I hated Russell because he bought no entertainment value but predictable idol-ish move. Colton on the other hand, is doing a Sugar in Gabon and shaking things up every week.

This time round, the girls were definitely the biggest winner because the girls did not have to vote somebody out. Next up, it has to be Colton as the winner because he got what he wanted. As for the rest, let me just say namely Tarzan and Leif, you all are so dumb I did not even know how did they survive till so old in life if they have no single brain cells.

I do not agree with anything Colton said, I do not like him. But I do not hate him for the fact he brings on entertainment value. That's just about it. And he also showed how villianous moves can be carried out without all those rude, lame stints did by Russell.

I hate to say this, but I think the guys... are all intimidated by Colton. NOBODY, not Leif, not Bill, not Michael, not Jay or even Jonas, who felt uneasy with giving up Immunity, bothered to come together and think up of a plan against Colton. They are all so worried, and scared, and... of just being targeted by Colton next that nobody.. NOBODY dared make a single move against him. It's just so amazing, yet so unbelievable to watch how Colton has controlled the mind of every single guy and ensured that NONE of them voted against him or if you ask me, EVEN DARED to cast a vote against him. And that is some very good "social" skills going on there, like the guys were all so "charmed" into believing he held all the power nobody dared to go against him. I don't know how is this even possible, but I think it has to be the fact of a group of dim-witted guys and also extreme stupidity.

I feel humiliated watching this episode as a guy's POV and I can tell you, this episode is so entertaining.. yet so mind boggling and so... intimidating.. so strange to watch. It's one of the best episodes of Survivor ever for sure, just based on the way how dynamics worked out in the guy's tribe... but it set me thinking about so many things in life, about people, about problems, about issues.

Sometimes, when we meet a problem, do we do a Colton and be swift in our decision to want to solve it? While in the process of being anxious to solve the problem, we actually forgot to look at a bigger picture and might end up harming ourselves instead? (Colton axing Bill)

Or when we made a mistake, do we do a Leif and declare our own death? (Leif not even bothering to fight for his life)

Or when we are forced into circumstances which will put as at a disadvantage, do we just go along with it and be selfish as long as we are not the ones who lose out? (Nobody bothered to stand up for Bill against Colton even though he was clearly bullied. If you asked me, I am pretty sure all the guys LIKED BILL more than Colton... but why did this happen)

Or when we see something we truly do not like, do we do a Tarzan and speak our minds openly about it (trying to get everyone to vote against Leif's betrayal), or do we keep it deep down within us even though it truly disturbs us? (Jay, Michael...)

Sorry, just had overflowing feelings after this episode and can't help but to reflect on my current status in life. Have I been led too much by others in my life so that I do not even do what I have always wanted to do?

Oh my gosh, that was one HECK of an episode. Seriously?!!!!! Wow!!!! Bum-puzzled is the word!

Speaking first for the Reward Challenge, yay for the girls winning it all! I couldn't help but laugh at Jonas' comment about the challenge being a fluke and that the guys didn't have enough time to learn it. I was like, what on earth?! Thank God for Bill jumping in with "well, neither did they (the girls)." What a statement on Jonas' part!

I just can't believe that the guys gave up Immunity. Jeff's face when the guys marched into the TC area was CLASSIC. But I don't care if they made the stupidest move ever, I don't like any of the guys anyway, and I'm happy that this allowed the girls to live on.

I felt really bad for Bill, being outright bullied by Colton. Colton's a really nasty piece of work. But I feel that he's just playing this game with his hear as well. He really dislikes Bill and really wants him gone. I don't like Colton, but he's really bringing a lot to this game. If not for him, the girls wouldn't be saved tonight! If his crazy moves continue to harm the guys, I'm supporting that all the way.

I feel that the only "normal, un-annoying" guy is Jay. He hasn't really done much to annoy him. But overall, I just can't care two hoots about the guys and I want a girl to win!!!

somehow after watching this episode... I feel like so "unmanned", the gentle side of me were taken away because this "Man"ono (read: Man- NO-NO!!)  tribe did not emphasized the power of men...

I'm afraid this could affect women to be more aggressive than men in terms of earning money for a living.... (it might sounds a bit old school, but still..  :groan:)


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