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S24 EP 3 "One World is Out the Window"

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According to the Tribe there wins Immunity Challenge is Show contentThe Salani Tribe and the boot is Show contentMatt Quinlan :yess: :yess:

First 10 mins:

Storm comes in, Women cold and pathetic. Colton comes over to invite them to their warm tarp.

In the morning, they couldn't stand it anymore and finally ran over to the men's tribe to get warmth over fire.

Women still staying strong, Matt completely being a jerk and commented how the women shouldn't be there.


Women got it right 5 VS 0. With Kat taking 7 times against Tarzan/Troyzan. The rest of the women, Sabrina, Christina, Alicia and Monica got it right on their first try.

Women won fishing gear, which I think they will end up giving it to the guys to help them get food in the end. -_-

Okay, it's raining again and women are pathetic, running over to the guys side again. Alicia being completely dumb and refusing to agree to let them take out the boat BUT still using their fire for warmth.

Guys send them back to discuss or else NO FIRE.


Girls discussing... no common agreement... *ADVERTISEMENT*


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