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Our Ugot Is Going To Seattle!

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Michele, RFF's ugot2bekidinmeny is being recognized by Real Networks for her work as a beta tester for SuperPass. She's being flown to Seattle to do a special in-studio version of Reality Roundtable. Congratulations Michele!

Announcing the 2012 SuperPass MVP Award Winners

Iím excited to announce our 2012 MVP fans: Quirkydude, Michelle from Da Bronx, Pepsi Rich, and Tahoe! Working with everyone in the beta group has been extremely helpful and valuable to us here at Real Networks, and since we are about one year in with the project, we wanted to highlight a few folks who have been really consistent contributors have been generous with their feedback and time, particularly with input that has shaped our technical roadmap.

To say thank you, weíll be flying these folks up to Seattle in March to do a special in studio version of Reality Roundtable. (We are planning to do an event in the fall focused on affiliates, so for this event we focused on people who are primarily just fans). It is my plan to make this an annual award with the following categories.

Lifetime Hall of Fame category: Quirkydude. We chose Kevin because his highlight clips have always been a major contribution to the fan community, and the entire team has nothing but good things to say about working with him. Iím excited to finally get a chance to meet him face to face.

Face of the Fan category: Michelle from Da Bronx. Aside from being a regular on our call in shows, Michelle has been really consistent and thorough testing new stuff out with us and sending feedback. But even more, her posts to Facebook (particularly the video of unboxing the mug from Ragan) have really helped our team understand the value we can deliver to customers if we do it right and really get what makes them happy.

Technical feedback, expert division: Pepsi Rich. As someone who knows a little something about networked communications and delivery, as well as being a power user with multiple computers and devices, itís been great to have Rich keeping us honest with his input.

Technical feedback, easy division: Tahoe. If we canít make it work for her, we need to go back to the drawing board! We love that she lets us know as soon as she runs into problems because itís almost always the case that somethingís broken or just not obvious enough. And weíre grateful she keeps trying to help us even when it takes us a bunch of tries to get it fixed.

Iím looking forward to having these folks here in Seattle next month, and hope to be able to bring more members of this group out in the future. Aside from the opportunity to put fans on camera in front of other fans, the personal contact with the team will really help us as we ramp up work around this summerís big brother season.

Source: Matt Calder at Real Networks

That is HUGE!!! Congrats Michelle!! :hearts:

:ty TL and Peach!!!

Here's the video that Superpass is talking about

Awesome and congrats, Michele!


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