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S24 EP 2 "Total Dysfunction"

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"Colton is a virus" <33333333
Sabrina <333333333333333333333

Who's holding the idol over the fire at 0:18? Is it Colton or someone else? I can't tell.

RECAP! Spoilers inside!
Show contentThe Reward Challenge is a DIY Challenge. Tribes received a large box in tree mail. Each box had a VERY large knot with a ring in the middle. First tribe to unhook the ring wins a tarp. Manono sits Mike out. It was close, but Manono ultimately wins. After the challenge, Colton asked Salani if he could live with them. They said no. Salani elected Sabrina as leader. At the Immunity Challenge, the task was the Balance Beam challenge from Vanuatu. Tribes must walk past each other to get to the other side. Manono gets off to a good start and never stopped. Kat jumped off the balance beam twice when she didn't need to. Monica figured out how to easily complete the task, but Kat was shouting so loud, no one could hear her. Manono wins. Back at camp, Nina calls Kat a disgrace, and too young to be able tocompete well. Kim & Chelsea consider voting Kat out. Colton also forms an alliance with Jonas, Leif, Troyzan and Tarzan. At Tribal, Nina called Kat out. However, it wasn't good enough, and Nina was voted out 6-1-1.

Reilly Queens:
These women need to get it together. These challenges have been BUILT for them. I mean first challenge, a balance beam, they could have won if Kourtney listened to Jeff. Then second challenge, untying a knot, needed no physical strength, and they came close. But another challenge that took place on a BALANCE BEAM, they failed epically again :groan:

Survivor has turned out to be a coterie competition game.

If you're in the right coterie you're not going to be voted out even if you performed bad in the challenge, otherwise you're out even if you did well in the challenge.


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