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S24 EP 2 "Total Dysfunction"

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I know Colton is whiney and everything. But when he's not.. he takes the role of villian to a witty and comical level.

"This should be Survivor: Colton's World"... probably the only thing I can remember after this episode. :lol:

I wished that Nina had stayed over Kat, but I didn't particularly like either of them.. so it doesn't matter who goes. I like Christina, Chelsea, Kim and Monica... as for the guys... they are still pretty ew and meh to me. Oh yea. Sabrina's pretty cool too!

Reward Challenge reminded me of Bill and Cathi V2.0 Speedbump while the girls seriously sucked at the Immunity Challenge.

Hoping that the guys lose next so that I can see how Colton play his tribe. :lol3:

Survivor tactics have been stereotyped. I can almost foresee what the contestants will do in the following seasons: first, forge a coterie in the tribe consisting of 5 people at least; second, eliminate the minority; third, efface himself/herself and make others as targets; fourth, get the 1 million dollars prize. All immunity challenges except those in the latter episodes make no difference for the elimination.

The girls will not win unless they get some serious strategy going.  Nina might not have been one of the gang but I think she could have won competitions and getting rid of her might be their first plunge to downfall.

Kat is sweet and nice but she doesn't have what it takes to win these important competitions and stay out of tribal whereas they'd have a better chance with Nina.

Next week should be interesting.


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