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Hotel Hell Exclusive: Gordon Ramsay Really Only Has 3 Demands When It Comes to His Room, OK?

You’d think celebrity chef and notorious curmudgeon Gordon Ramsay would be a brutally demanding guest when he’s booking a vacation getaway. But that’s simply not the case, Ramsay reveals in this exclusive promo from his upcoming Fox reality series, Hotel Hell.
All he really needs in a hotel room are a comfy bed, great room service, and a working television. Simple, right?
Well, it’d also be lovely if the room didn’t ping Ramsay’s list of three things he hates in a hotel. Also, it shouldn’t come with any exploding light fixtures or set off his CSI-style blue-light technology.
Oh, bloody hell, just watch the exclusive promo embedded below to get a sense of what hospitality crimes Ramsay will be uncovering when Hotel Hell has a two-night premiere starting Monday, August 13 (8/7c on Fox). Then hit the comments and tell us if you’re excited to see Ramsay’s new series!



Hotel Hell premieres tonight on Fox at 8pm ET/7pm 7CT.


Watched it. It's just very mediocre, isn't it? Gordon's still better with the cookie shows. :lol3:

Yup, and plus the mean him. That's about it. Apparently there's another Hotel GB??????


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