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TC10, Ep. 1
This episode featured mini-competitions to determine which chefs would make the final list of 15 going to Seattle. Each one of those competitions was hosted by one of the 4 Top Chef judges:
Tom Colicchio – demonstrate basic skills, then work as a line cook in Craft restaurant
Wolfgang Puck – “make me an omelet” in 45 minutes
Emeril Lagasse – “Make me a soup” in 45 minutes
Hugh Acheson – “make me a really nice salad” in 45 minutes

Chefs evaluated by Tom (Los Angeles)
Anthony - used a paring knife on a deboning a duck breast
Jorel -filleted chicken instead of cutting it up
John - salmon mangled initially but fish station in restaurant service good
Micah - mangled a black bass
Lizzie perfect tortellini

Chefs evaluated by Wolfgang (Beverly Hills)

Chefs evaluated by Emeril (Las Vegas)

Chefs evaluated by Hugh (Dallas)

Chefs cut by Tom were Jorel and Anthony. Chefs cut by Wolfgang were Daniel. Chefs cut by Emeril were Tina and Stephanie. Chefs cut by Hugh were Gina. That takes the original group of 21 chefs down to 15.

My initial favorite chef is Bart. We'll see how he fares.

ZBC Company:
this season turn be the wroster

 I just saw this weeks coming attractions and my friend Josie is one of the returning Chef-testants!!  man she was tight lipped about it! :lol3:

YES :yess:  Josie is safe!! I gotta say  there was no way production was going to let any of the 3 vets go home just yet.

Josie was more vocal  in last nights episode.  Which is the way I have always known her to be so maybe this time around she will get to the end!! I know she has been doing so much out there since her season so  her confidence  and the ability to change on the fly will  help her . Especially since  her season the caliber of people have  increased greatly.

:cheer: Josie!!

TC10, Ep. 2

The judges for the Quickfire were previous Top Chef competitors Josie from TC2, CJ from TC3 and Stefan from TC5. The TC10 chefs made up 5 groups of 3, each with its own color identification. They had 20 minutes to use Seattle area fresh seafood to create a dish. The seafood choices include crab, crawfish, razor clams, Dungeness crab and geoduck. Here are the teams creating dishes:
Blue Team Sheldon, John, Kuniko
Green Team Micah, Kristen, Tyler
Grey Team Jeffrey, Bart, Brooke
Orange Team Lizzie, Chrissy, Carla
Yellow Team Eliza, Danyele, Joshua

The winning team was Kuniko, John and Sheldon.  The winner of immunity for the elimination challenge, determined from that group by knife draw, was John.
For the Elimination Challenge the judges were Tom Douglas, a noted James Beard Award winner and owner of several Seattle area restaurants, Tom, Padma, Emeril and Gail Simmons. The challenge involved cooking in the Seattle Space Needle’s restaurant. A dish had to be completed in the 47 minutes it took for the Needle to make one complete revolution and then it had to be served. The teams were the same as before, except that the producers threw in a huge twist by inviting the team of Josie, CJ and Stefan to compete in TC10. Here are the dishes created and presented:
Blue Team Sheldon, John, Kuniko - Chili Oil Poached Cod with Dashi, Spot Prawn Shabu Shabu
Green Team Micah, Kristen, Tyler - Crispy Seared Salmon, Local Vegetables & Spot Prawn Butter Sauce
Grey Team Jeffrey, Bart, Brooke - Pan Roasted Halibut, Mushrooms, English Peas, Wheat Beer with Herb Sabayon
Orange Team (Lizzie, Chrissy, Carla - Poached Salmon with Seasonal Vegetables & Beurre Blanc
Yellow Team Eliza, Danyele, Joshua - Pan Roasted Cod, Mushrooms, Fava Beans, Picked Green Apple & Garlic Scape Pistou
Red Team Stefan, CJ, Josie - Quail Breast with Confit Spot Prawn, Cherries & Porcini

Carla/Lizzie/Chrissy had a very fine dish, as did Kuniko/John/Sheldon. Josie/CJ/Stefan did badly due to Stefan overcooking quail beyond medium-rare. The team of Jeffrey/Bart/Brooke also was judged with bad performance, primarily due to Jeffrey’s halibut being way overcooked. Brooke knew this but failed to warn Jeffrey.    Danyele/ Eliza/Josh cooked cod. Kristen/Tyler/Micah cooked salmon.
The dish of Kuniko, John and Sheldon was again the winner. This time Kuniko won for poaching ling cod in chili oil in an excellent way.
Jeffrey was judged slightly worse in performance than Stefan and eliminated.

So, is this fair to have previous chefs competing against new ones? I say NO WAY! There is no circumstance under which Stefan (who finished #2 in season 5) cannot make it to the TC10 finalist list, even though he almost got eliminated in this episode of TC10.  CJ is also a very skilled chef and likely to be a finalist. Josie, it doesn't matter because she is not a real threat.


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