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Don King lead a charge in trying to bring Josie back onto Top Chef. Even though we NOW know Josie didnt win LCK, he was trying to get her votes which we all saw she didnt get. As of now Don King is still a huge supporter and fan of Josie

Don King: Forget Boxing, I'm All About "Top Chef!"

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  <a href="http://www.tmz.com/videos/0_9w19nx4b">Don King: Forget Boxing, I'm All About "Top Chef!"</a>

She dd not get justice several times in the main field, but when given an opportunity versus Kristen in Last Chance Kitchen she bombed badly. Josie had no chance at being the Fan Favorite.

The judges made a horrendous error in eliminating Kristen, but after they found out the real story see what happened to Josie then. The judges decided to eliminate Josie for consistent problems in competing things on time throughout the season.

We only get to see the chefs as they are portrayed through the editing process on our television. I do not know Josie and I have never and probably will never taste any of her dishes. But she came across on Top Chef (both times) as being pompous, arrogant and rude. She may be a sweetheart in real life and if she is than its a travesty that she was not portrayed as such. But, remember, the powers that be need to make sure each season has the really unlikeable "character". The season, it was Josie. I, personally, think she lasted about four episodes longer than she should have. That though is from someone watching from his Lazy Boy not tasting her food.

For respect of  others I am removing my reply.


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