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For me this was a boring episode. I thought all the dishes were almost the same and nothing really exciting but what I hated the most was the sudden camera movements on the faces of the chefs as they stood in front of the judges. It was as if they wanted to present them as gladiators before the fight. I really hated the over dramatic tone they tried to give.

I do not agree with Kiki on past episodes being boring, but this Thanksgiving episode definitely was not.

TC10, Ep. Ep. 3

This episode began with 17 chefs remaining. The Quickfire was judged by Dana Cowin, Editor-in-Chief of Food & Wine magazine and a frequent top Chef judge. The challenge was to take a dumpling type off a world map and make it in 1 hour. Some of these were easy but others were excessively hard. Each one had to contain a wrapper, a filling and a sauce. The chefs were given 5 minutes with a Kindle Fire in a co-promotion to find a recipe. The dumplings presented for Dana’s tasting were:

Kuniko – failed to present anything due to not managing her time well
Bart - Potetball (Norway): Potato Ball with Lamb & Fired Spaghetti
Brooke - Siomay (Indonesia): Chicken & Shrimp with Peanut Sauce & Diakun
Carla - Fufu (Africa): Chicken & Lamb Filling with Red Sauce
CJ - Pierogi (Poland): Veal & Pork Filling with Demi-Glace
John - Kroppkaka (Sweden): Potato Dumpling with Bechamel Sauce
Josie - Mandu (Korea): Pork, Tofu, Shiitake Mushroom Filling
Kristen - Momo (Nepal): Pork & Chicken Liver with Ginger & Cumin
Micah - Manti (Kazakhstan): Ground Lamb with Dates, Curry & Cinnamon
Sheldon - Jiaozi (China): Pork & Dumpling Filling with Shiitake Mushrooms
Stefan - Klopse (Germany): Ground Lamb, Mashed Potatoes & Capers
Chrissy, Danyele, Eliza, Elizabeth, Josh, Tyler – I believe these were not shown

The worst dumplings were Kuniko (none), Carla (a mess with a fufu) and Brooke (could not find rice flour so no wrapper). The best dumplings were by Josie (mandu from Korea), Stefan (klopse from Germany) and Micah (manti from Kazakhstan). Josie had the winner and got immunity for the Elimination Challenge.

The Elimination Challenge was to prepare a Thanksgiving meal with turkey, sides and desserts with prep work at the Top Chef kitchen and 5 hours cooking at the Fare Start charity facility for their staff and volunteers. The chefs were split into one group of 9 (Grey team) and one group of 8 (Red team). CJ assumed some leadership of the Red team. Tom Colicchio and Emeril Lagasse were brought in to provide advice and support to the Red and Grey team, respectively. Tom was promoting an Italian style thanksgiving meal and Emeril a New Orleans style thanksgiving meal. Tom’s team got to learn a recipe for risotto and pancetta dressing. Emeril’s team got to learn his recipe for gumbo. Here were the dishes created and presented:

Grey Team
Josie – turkey, which looked great on the outside but was almost raw in the center
Danyele – Emeril’s mother’s stuffing
Tyler – gumbo, which earlier was perfect was low after roux was added with seasonings
Kuniko – potato pave, was bland and way undercooked
Sheldon – braised greens with ham hocks, with greens undercooked
Brooke – sweet potato buttermilk biscuits
Kirsten –assiette of root vegetables, parsnip truffle puree, creme fraiche, underseasoned
John – mini pumpkin pie
Chrissy – white wine and pecan bread pudding

Red Team
CJ – turkey and dressing, which did not have good outside color but was delicious
Carla – carrot soup (Tom thought it was cabbage due to her accent), super
Bart – Fennel, Gorgonzola, Orange & Pumpkin Seed Salad
Josh – sweet potato ravioli with pecans; comments were tough outer layer
Micah – Brussels sprouts with insufficient salt
Lizzie – potato puree with 50% butter content (Joel Robuchon style per Dana Cowin)
Eliza – Chocolate Tart with White Chocolate & Mint Syrup
Stefan - Pannacotta with Orange Cardamom Crisp & Candied Pecans

Judging is done without the direct assistance of Tom or Emeril. Padma, Gail and Thierry Rautereau (Top Chef Masters 3 competitor) joined with Megan Karch, Executive Director of Fare Start.

The winning team due primarily to the turkey was the Red team. The individual honors went to CJ, Carla and Lizzie. The big winner was Carla, who again made no friends this episode.

The losing team had Tyler, Sheldon, Kuniko and Josie called up. Josie had immunity so she was safe even though she probably would have got sent packing if that were not so. Tyler’s sin was a gumbo that was off but not horrible. Sheldon’s greens were also off but not horrible. Kuniko’s potato pave was unquestionably the dish that was hoorible, so she got the axe.

I lost my love of Top Chef and especially with Tom Colicchio when Stefan lost to Hosea, in season 5. Imagine my surprise to learn that they have brought Stefan back to compete again.

I will have to catch up on this season!  :hoot: :hoot:

TC10, Ep. 4

This episode started with Stefan making a move on Kristen, rubbing her feet. More cooking and less baloney is desired by me.

The Quickfire was judged by Top Chef Masters 3 contestant Naomi Pomeroy. It was to use anything butchered off a side of beef to create an interesting, tasty meal in one hour. The dishes presented were:
Bart - Double Cut New York Steak
Brooke - Grilled Hanger Steak with Smoked Onion Figs & Cauliflower Puree
Carla - Sirloin Medallion Wrapped in Bacon, Asiago Risotto with Marsala Sauce
Chrissy - Grilled Hanger Steak with Brown Butter, Parsley & Radish Salad
CJ - Top Round Tartare, Raw Juniper & Kohlrabi
Danyele – not shown
Eliza - Grilled Flank Steak with Cherry Cognac Reduction, Asparagus & Potato Cake
Elizabeth - Braised Foreshank with Turnips & Dill
John - Braised Oxtail, Potato Gnocchi with Roasted Vegetables & Celery
Joshua - Beef Meatballs with Creamy Polenta & Pickled Shallots
Josie – not shown
Kristen - Top Sirloin Tartare with Mustard Sabayon & Carpaccio Salad
Micah - Oxtail Polenta with Truffled Romanesco Cauliflower
Sheldon - Kalbi Round Steak with Tomato Cardamom Broth & Fennel Salad
Stefan - Braised Top Round Ravioli with Marjoram & Aged Parmesan
Tyler - Hispanic Crudo with Charred Tomato Sauce & Cilantro Radish Slaw

The 3 least interesting dishes were by Lizzie, Eliza and Tyler. The 3 best dishes were CJ, John and Josh. John won because his braising of oxtail meat was superb. He received immunity for the Elimination Challenge, which was extra valuable because it was a double elimination.

The Elimination Challenge was to take over the Canlis Restaurant, started in 1950 by the grandfather of the current owners. There was a menu from 1950. Each individual chef had to choose something from it to cook for a distinguished panel of tasters. That included the usual Tom, Padma, Gail, Emeril and Hugh plus Naomi, the Canlis brothers and a few others. The dishes created were:

Bart - Vanilla Ice Cream
Brooke - Seafood Salad a la Louis
Carla - Whole Milk-Fed Squab
Chrissy - Canlis Special Salad
CJ - Shish Kebab with Pilaf
Danyele - Royal Hawaiian Supreme
Eliza - Fresh Frozen Hawaiian Pineapple Parfait; Mint Sherbet
Elizabeth - Marinated Herring
John – Steamed Clams Bordelaise
Joshua - French Onion Soup
Josie – Huge Idaho Baked Potato
Kristen - French Fried Onions; Side of Mushrooms
Micah - Mixed Vegetables
Sheldon – Fresh Hawaiian Mahi Mahi
Stefan - Calf's Liver & French Fried Onions (with Kristen)
Tyler - Fresh Crab Leg Cocktail

The kitchen expeditor was John because he had immunity. The dishes judged best were Stefan, Eliza and Tyler. The win and $10,000 prize went to Eliza. The 4 worst dishes were by Carla. Chrissy, CJ and Micah. Carla and Chrissy were eliminated.

TC10 Ep. 1 Last Chance Kitchen

As created to accompany TC9, an extra opportunity for all eliminated chefs to get back into the regular competition at the end of TC10 has been provided if they survive a grueling set of challenges against the other eliminated chefs. This episode was the first for TC10 and it had Carla, Chrissy, Kuniko and Jeffrey. The challenge was to create a dish using ingredients from each chef’s own dish that got them eliminated. Here were the dishes created in 30 minutes for Last Chance Kitchen under this challenge:

Carla - Milk-Fed Grilled Squab Over Port Wine Sauce with Baked Tomato and Morels
Chrissy – Caesar Salad with Tomatoes and Croutons
Kuniko – Lemongrass Cream Potato Chowder
Jeffrey – Pan-Roasted Halibut, Morels, Cream and Peas

Carla was rated low and she was unhappy about that. Kuniko was the winner and stayed alive in the competition. She will face the individual eliminated from the next episode.

On the quickfire they didnt show  them tasting Josie's dish. I wonder if there was something that went wrong. I'll have to find out

 I think that the 3 returning chef-testants will still be in it for a while

 I LOVE that they brought back last chance kitchen!! http://www.bravotv.com/top-chef/season-10/last-chance-kitchen


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