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Bravo TV greenlighted Top Chef 10 by announcing today that casting will be Feb. 21 to March 2.

Thanks to Peach we have this set of interesting insights on Top Chef:

Envelope Emmy Roundtable: Reality Show Hosts Get Real

by Elena Howe, Los Angeles Times, June 21

Padma Lakshmi: I don't. I mean, we have a great team that goes out and scouts. And we changed the show in the last season, just that we let you watch the last cut [of applicants]. And so we did have a hand in it this time. But it's better, I think, not to, for us anyway, because I'm a host, but like Heidi, I'm also a judge. So it becomes difficult. Usually, when we start the season, we know loosely what the challenges are. We have field producers who map that out. Sometimes we do have to change them, because not everything that is a great challenge works on TV. And for us, I think this is different than "Runway," you can see if a dress fits well. The audience can't taste at home. So they're really relying on us as judges to describe that experience, that sensorial experience. And so that becomes a challenge.

Lakshmi: For us, the people who wind up being attracted to the show, yes, they're much more savvy. But not only has that been so because of "Top Chef," it's just because the advent of food television as a whole has been so great. The competition is so fierce now that we have James Beard nominees who are actually just contestants and Food and Wine best new chef and all that because of the exposure it gives you to restaurateurs and very established chefs who are in the position to give you a job [or] invest in your new restaurant and things like that. It's no more just about being on TV.

Lakshmi: I do think that is why the shows do well, because it's very compelling to see someone so passionate about what they do, whether they're making a skirt or a soufflé.

EEK!  So excited. I really didn't like last season. Too much drama. Hopefully this season will be as great as All-Stars or Season 7.


"Top Chef: Seattle" Premieres Wednesday, November 7 at 10 PM ET/PT. Wolfgang Puck will be a Judge.

NEW YORK - September 19, 2012 - Bravo Media premieres "Top Chef: Seattle," the tenth season of the Emmy and James Beard Award-winning series, on Wednesday, November 7 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Famed chef and restaurant mogul Wolfgang Puck joins as a judge this season, alongside Tom Colicchio, Gail Simmons, Hugh Acheson and Emeril Lagasse with Padma Lakshmi returning as host, as 21 chefs compete for the top crown.

The franchise has catapulted nine "Top Chef" winners' careers. This season the competition goes back to the basics, with culinary challenges that require a mastery of the primary skills of a chef. The "Top Chef: Seattle" chefs will be pared down week by week as they compete to out-flavor, out-cook and out-do their competition. The winning chef will receive $125,000 furnished by Healthy Choice, a feature in Food & Wine magazine, a showcase at the Annual Food & Wine Classic in Aspen and will earn the title of "Top Chef." The Emmy Award-winning Magical Elves return to produce "Top Chef: Seattle" with Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz as executive producers.

Following are the 21 "Top Chef: Seattle" hopefuls:

· Lizzie Binder, 37 - Napa, California
· Tina Bourbeau, 42 - New York, New York
· Chrissy Camba, 30 - Chicago, Illinois
· Stephanie Cmar, 27 - Boston, Massachusetts
· Micah Fields, 28 - Los Angeles, California
· Eliza Gavin, 38 - Telluride, Colorado
· Anthony Gray, 35 - Macon, Georgia
· Jeffrey Jew, 34 - Washington, DC
· Gina Keatley, 32 - New York, New York
· Kristen Kish, 28 - Boston, Massachusetts
· Danyele McPherson, 31 - Dallas, Texas
· Daniel O'Brien, 32 - Washington, DC
· Carla Pellegrino, 43 - Las Vegas, Nevada
· Jorel Pierce, 28 - Denver, Colorado
· Sheldon Simeon, 30 - Lahaina, Hawaii
· John Tesar, 54 - Dallas, Texas
· Joshua Valentine, 32 - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
· Bart Vandaele, 41 - Washington, DC
· Tyler Wiard, 41 - Denver, Colorado
· Brooke Williamson, 33 - Los Angeles, California
· Kuniko Yagi, 35 - Los Angeles, California


Top Chef 10 telecasts start on BRAVO this Wednesday night at 10pm.


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