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TAR 17: Legs 6 & 7/Russia by miles! Personal highlight of the season. They had EVERYTHING.

TAR 18: Leg 9/Liech. & Switzerland - not just because the Cowboys got eliminated :mas25 It was mostly a night leg and I'll love any night leg!

TAR 19: Leg 10/Belgium was really fun to watch but sad because Bill & Cathi got eliminated that leg  :cmas4

TAR 20: Leg 3/Paraguay was one of the best legs ever. I don't think I need to explain why.

TAR 21: Leg 7/Russia had the loss of James & Abba's passports. It was a pretty suspenseful episode if you don't read spoilers :cmaslol . And who doesn't like seeing teams experiencing flight problems! (Very unfortunate, but good TV). Leg 9/Netherlands had some great tasks (though the Switchback sucked) and ended pretty sad aw, poor Abbie & Ryan even though I didn't like them. For some reason I really liked the penultimate Leg 11/France too. Teams kept changing positions and it was close! Kinda weird I have so many Best's for this season even though I didn't like it that much  :cmaslol

TAR 22: Leg 7/Botswana had good tasks. I loved Leg 9/Berlin as well.

TAR 23: The second half of Leg 2/Chile was awesome! Leg 5/Poland will definitely go down as a memorable leg for me. Great Detour, interesting RB, and don't forget the 3-way footrace! Leg 6/Austria was cool seeing Austria in warm weather rather than freezing weather. The RB was pretty good. I LOVED Legs 9 & 10/Indonesia - great step-up for Indonesian legs and they had good  tasks. I gotta say I love a lot of the tasks in 23.



--- Quote from: aryanisetiawan on November 30, 2014, 01:55:10 AM ---TAR 25 LEG 9 IS THE BEST LEG SINCE SEASON 22

--- End quote ---

TAR 25 Leg 5 was far better than Leg 9 IMO, and I think TAR 23 Leg 2, and TAR 24 Leg 6 we're better Legs than anything TAR 22 gave us, but again just my opinion.  :lol:

Ones I can remember in recent date (I haven't watched TAR1 to TAR10 in a while...)

TAR 11, Episode 8. (Poland 2) - Intersection Drama + BQs losing their gigantic lead over it
TAR 12, Episode 3. (Burkina Faso 1) - Really close finish + Lorena's meltdown
TAR 12, Episode 11. (United States) - The incredibly challenging final Roadblock
TAR 14, Episode 1. (Switzerland) - Cheese Hill + Margie & Luke's surprising win
TAR 14, Episode 11. (United States) - Luke's infamous Surfboard meltdown
TAR 15, Episode 1. (Japan) - The Wasabi Roadblock
TAR 17, Episode 1. (England/United Kingdom) - Claire's watermelon accident
TAR 19, Episode 2. (Indonesia 1) - The barely noticeable orphanage clue
TAR 20, Episode 6. (Azerbaijan) - First Fast Forward battle we've had in a while
TAR 20, Episode 12. (United States) - Rachel & Dave still winning after missing the second Roadblock + Brendon & Rachel misreading the clue which practically cost them the race
TAR 22, Episode 1. (Bora Bora 1) - Double Express Pass + Incredibly luck-based Roadblock in extreme heat + 3 teams quitting and having a canoe race
TAR 23, Episode 3. (Portugal) - Closest thing to flight drama in the past few seasons
TAR 23, Episode 6. (Austria) - Tim & Marie stealing Jason & Amy's cab + Vienna Boys' Choir
TAR 25, Episode 5. (Morocco 1) - Everything about it was just  :hrt:
TAR 25, Episode 9. (Singapore) - Everything about it was just  :hrt:

Some that i remember :

TAR12 , Leg 1 was pretty awesome with the donkeys.
TAR14 , Legs 10-11 great too.
TAR15 in Dubai.
TAR16 in Malaysia
TAR17 in England , Ghana was great too and i love the Kiruna leg.
TAR18 had absolutly incredible legs , but the China 2 was awesome in a special way.
TAR20 finale , Rachel & Dave making an amazing comeback.
TAR21 finale , my favorite leg all time.
TAR22 in Germany , very well designed leg.
TAR24 had no amazing legs for me. Even though Jet & Cord were eliminated in Spain , i still think it was the best one.
TAR25 in Malta and Singapore rocking it!


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