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Everyone is going to have their favorite. Mine is a classic:

AR7 finale - Rob/Amber vs. Ron/Kelly and Uchenna/Joyce; this leg started with very difficult tasks (since they had no money) in Jamaica for Uchenna/Joycce, continued to a draw before the HOO in Puerto Rico and climaxed at the San Juan International Airport with the "pull back the plane" decision by the pilot. On the Miami end Rob/Amber ran into the language barrier searching for El Rey dos Habaneros in Little Havana and a penniless Uchenna and Joyce begged their way to victory. This was drama at its finest!

Best Loser:
Season 5, Legs 12 & 13 (The finale): Going from island to island in the Philippines was fantastic. Between the flags, the clam shells, and the ascender, there was so much tension and drama between the teams, you never knew who was going home and who would win. Then came the final leg, with every team on even footing into Canada. The mountain climb and the detour between the bikes and luge were all great tasks. Then the flight to the final destination city: Dallas, Texas. Though navigating the maze was the only task after the flight, it was a good one - one of the best final tasks, in my opinion. And the winners were so satisfying, too.

Satisfying at the time, I mean. After reading interviews and rewatching it, I like Colin & Christie more than Chip and Kim. They should have won, they were a better team!

Or maybe I just like it because it's the closest the Amazing Race has been to where I live.

There are too many to describe, but here's a shortlist (noting that this asked for best 'leg' and not best 'episode' because some crappy legs have led to great episodes - the TAR 17 finale, for instance).

1.04 (Tunisia 1)
2.05 (Thailand 1)
2.08 (Hong Kong / Sydney)
3.08 (Switzerland 1)
5.05 (Egypt 1)
10.04 (Vietnam 2)
12.07 (Italy)
13.10 (Russia 2)
15.11 (Czech Rep 2)
17.06 (Russia 1)
18.04 (China 1)

A few "epic legs" I consider in MORE recent seasons:

TAR 7: Ray and Deana eliminated. Brian and Greg's car accident, coming from behind and beating Ray and Deana in a footrace??

TAR 9: 3 WAY FOOT RACE TO THE PIT-STOP, BJ AND TYLER NEL. Another grandest display of karma.

TAR 10: BQ's NEL. Yielding Bamas and still checking in last, grandest display of karma. Actually TAR 10 had a lot of epic moments, like the Chos letting David and Mary go for the FF, Lyns VS Edwin and Godwin to the pitstop, Lyns nearly winning the leg even with the Yield, Rob and Kimberly VS the tomatoes, BQs beating Tyler and James and Rob and Kim who took the FF??? -_- and loads more!

TAR 11: Rob and Amber getting eliminated. Too epic. Tooooooo epic!

TAR 12: Azaria and Hendekea's elimination leg. Even though we sort of knew they were behind the whole time, but the fact that they were such a strong team, and that the leg was divided into two parts - 1. Jennifer and Nathan VS Ron and Chris for first place and 2. Nic and Don VS Azaria and Hendekea for last place, along with coincidence in flight timings such that Azaria and Hendekea still got to meet Nic and Don in front of them doing tasks and trying to catch up was so exciting.

TAR 16: NEL by Jet and Cord in Seychelles. That was drama to the finest for the entire leg, teams going back and forth and positions changing throughout. Honestly had no idea who was going to land on the mat last.

TAR 17: Elimination Leg for Michael and Kevin. That leg was crazy, with penalties, changes in positions, Gary and Mallory coming from behind... interesting tasks, drama all the way till the end.

TAR 19: Laurence and Zac elimination leg, Indonesia leg 2 (Kaylani and Lisa eliminated).. both legs had interesting tasks, changes in teams position and was unpredictable all the way till the end!

I loved TAR10's Mongolia and Madagascar legs, the tasks were good and they were purely entertaining episodes.


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