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Glamazon Racer:
So I thought to create a thread where you could discuss what the best individual leg was that we saw on TAR!

It's hard to pick one individual leg, but here are some of my favourites:

1. Almost every leg in TAR3, and in particular, Legs 3, 8, 9 and 12.

2. TAR6 had some brilliant ones! The Sweden, Ethiopia and Xi'an legs in particular!

3. TAR7 Leg 3 is an obvious choice! ;) I also loved the England leg!

4. Thailand on TAR9 was an epic leg!!!

5. TAR12 has a lot of noteable ones: Legs 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 and 11 are my personal favourites, especially 6 and 7! In fact, the whole race was flawless, except Leg 8. :tup:

6. TAR13 Legs 6 and 7!

7. TAR16 Legs 6 and 7 are two of the best legs with heaps of drama ever on TAR! Even though I did not like TAR16 at all, those two legs stood out!

8. TAR18 had some really incredible ones! Hard to choose there! ;)

Feel free to share any of the legs which you really loved!! :tup:

Personally, the St-Petersbourg legs in TAR17 (legs 6 & 7) were epic & beautiful. It showed every aspect of the race, from classical music to locals, from a sightseeing tour of the city to lots of penalties. :hearts:

 Can I just say it's IMPOSSIBLE to pick the BEST Amazing Race leg? There are so many why do I bother.

Tar 14
Leg 1   Switzerland       Leg 2  Germany

Tar 15
Leg  7  Netherlands   

Tar 16 
leg 7 Seychelles

Tar 17
leg 6  Russia  leg 7 Russia

Tar 18
leg 1 Australia    leg 6 India    leg 9 Switzerland

Tar 19
leg 9 Belgium

If i put the time into it i could probably churn out an entire essay about which legs i think are best and why o.O but just off the top of my head...

Burkina Faso I - TAR12
in french class in high school i was fascinated by Burkina for some reason so when the race went there i was truly amazed and excited! This leg had a really challenging roadblock in camel milking (do i even have to say the quote?), a unique kind of limiting detour which i like and found interesting (youre going to have to get in the classroom with the kids either way), a 5 team foot race to the finish and that general sense of literally being in the middle of nowhere from the moment they got off that train and ran off into the plains. It also knocked frontrunners Lorena and Jason down a few pegs but also sadly lead to their demise in the next leg.

Bolivia - TAR13
This leg had a pretty stunning detour: ride an insane looking bike downhill on what looked like cobbled streets or go for a walk around town with your very own marching band! i remember teams going at terrifying speeds on those excuses for bikes and kelly and christy crashing! more than once! yet still getting back on the bikes. and i loved the marching band, the sheer chaos when marisa and brooke (who owned this challenge) passed dan and andrew, i had their tune stuck in my head for weeks afterwards. and all the time teams were hustling under the ever present threat of the u turn! (even if it went unused) This roadblock, in my opinion, would have been dramatically easier had it not been for the altitude! that really shook things up, especially for poor mark and bill (i read in one of their interviews that they got into better shape after the race, they should have been on unfinished business!! unless they had a falling out or something, they could have easily replaced zev and justin or mel and mike) i guess the only downside to this episode was their untimely elimination.

Russia II - TAR 13
I loved this leg, probably because of how challenging it was (well nick and starr cruised through it in first place but i do remember them complaining about how trying it was). The Russian riddle roadblock intrigued me to the point that earlier last year i actually bought a copy of the master and margarita (curse the race's product placement!!) i recall Andrew's russian friend getting really into it and infamously Dallas losing his passport! (another unfulfilled unfinished business candidate) Next was Andrew and Dan's dancing speedbump, probably my favourite speedbump to date, i loved the music, and the fact that they had to do it twice! that probably makes it one of the more difficult speedbumps (but let's remember, theyre not all that hard ><) and then the hectic public transportation scavenger hunt detour, the utter confusion! the need to get on/off so many times it was fantastic. and then aside from toni and dallas (who tried to walk everywhere/beg their way through the rest of the race, valiant effort ^^) 's on the course elimination, there was Dandrew's 2nd place and highest finish! i was a bit of a dandrew fan... i always found tar13 to be a lot more interesting if you looked at which team came second on each leg rather than first, it gives a lot more variety. oh and i almost forgot, the red october, awesome!

China I and II (the superleg) - TAR14
Riding that tiny little boat out on that lake with the chinese fishing bird, Jaime and Cara's dance detour, the three teams doing the calligraphy detour and racing neck and neck to the pit stop, kisha and jen's long awaited first place! margie blowing up at kisha and jen after their leg long feud, the torturous foot massage! (luke insisting that he do it instead of margie (as i remember) haha im sure he regretted that), the hellish swimming task for the sisters and gruelling for any team, even just the name of that detour sync or swim (some kind of double pun!!), jaime and cara's long awaited first place! only to have it snatched away from them by the surprise return of the super leg!! teams wandering for hours searching for that u turn, kisha and jen's chinese phrases! teams running around in their opera costumes and the race to the final three determined by an ill timed toilet break. indeed, what an epic few legs that asked us all the question, would you wet yourself on national (international even) television for $1000000?

The Netherlands - TAR15
by this leg i think i was starting to doubt season 15, and when teams got to a roadblock calling for strong legs and keen eyes i thought i had it all figured out that teams would just have to climb the tower and spot a flag somewhere in the city. i was gladly wrong. the bell counting task turned out to be one tough roadblock! i can only imagine the physical exhaustion from those stairs, trying to keep track of how many bells youve counted and then to have the bells ringing! crazy! and for some reason i was endeared to the charismatic yet mysterious bell player, what an awesome clue giver! the detour was also pretty amazing (i think its clear by now that i love a good dance task) and the golfing was tough enough to drop the formidable meghan and cheyne down to second place. poor maria and tiffany! i think their onscreen counter got up to about 70 for that high ringer, and that wind in the golf, they really did give it their all and it was a shame to see their efforts go unrewarded.

Czech II - TAR15
I sometimes thing of this leg as the nightmare leg, based on the tasks and i guess the fact it was at night time. those ringing phones, the ominous voice repeating just one letter, the bureaucrats and their redundant question forms, i didnt know who kafka was in depth before this leg but i was inspired to find out! one of the reasons i love the race, it expands your mind. Brian and Ericka's speed bump was interesting at least, imagine if they had to drink more or if they got more than a little tipsy haha i think the detour really brought the nightmare though, drag a giant muddy golem through the streets or carry a tray of glasses through a street of drunks, neither seemed like a mean feat. one of the best things i guess for me was the demise of the globe trotters though ^^ i mean, who saw that coming?

Germany - TAR16
i dont think everyone would have seen this leg as so spectacular but it had a few little perks that got me hooked. the surprise return of the intersection! (with 8 teams even!) that beautiful view of hamburg at night from the crane. playing soccer in europe (ive done this!) having to eat so much sauerkraut before the song ended, caite's soccer woes yet her team still being one sided for that challenge (she was the one side) an entire 180 flip and the team being entirely one sided for brent when it came to the boot of beer, the beatles!

Norway - TAR17
Norway is kind of an undervisited country on the race. the midnight sun, having to run/drive across the border, i loved the way the clue read it (make a dash for the border or something), Nick and Vicki's fast forward confusion! when teams got to the bridge, from phil's introduction i fully expected them to have to bungee jump from  the bridge because of scandinavia's high suicide rates (seasonal affective disorder) and prepared myself for the most insensitive race challenge of all time!! i loved the scenery of the detour, and nick's biking incompetence! nat and kat's first win by eating a sheep's head for fast forward

Russia I & II - TAR17
The insane detour! that room full of pianos sounded maddening yet i wanted to be there! and that dark room with the propaganda film playing and the mountain of film! the circus detour! spinning plates or learning to play the accordion! the russian mystery! going to all of those beautiful towers, bridges, churches, and then the dramatic russian gorodki race before the finish! loved it.

China I & II - TAR18
riding yaks on that beautiful mountain, the zodiac roadblock! if only those strings had all been the same length it would have been epic!
Kent and Vyxsin falling hours behind and yet catching up to Zev and Justin (almost). The basketball game, the fear that the goths were coming hahaha. The lead up to the double u turn was amazing, one of my favourite scenes, this may sound strange so ill explain why. the 3 frontrunning teams all get lost even though Christina speaks chinese, the middle pack are searching like mad for the u turn, margie and luke pass, jet and cord pass, the cowboys tell the goths and the cheerleaders where it is and so they go off on a foot race for the u turn. vyxsin just beats out cara and the goths who thinking they were in about 7th or 8th place are actually in 3rd but feeling they are at the back of the pack u turn jaime and cara in front of them! jaime and cara then u turn the globe trotters, the only team they believe are behind them. the whole time theres a sickly sunrise that just completes the scene. what i really love is how jaime and cara handle being u turned with such grace, they just keep moving forward. this is well contrasted with the globe trotters who really lay into the cheerleaders later on.
right then, continuing on, the stone forest (so unique and beautiful), that gargantuan dinosaur roadblock!! that reportedly left kent with a cracked rib for the rest of the race, and jaime and cara's elimination :( what a leg! haha

well i guess i got a bit carried away haha i dont think i was intending on writing this much o.O anyway these are the legs that i appreciated as a whole, there were other awesome challenges that i liked individually but none were followed by an equally amazing leg. these are just my opinions!! oh and as you can probably guess, yes i did start watching post all stars


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