What is your favorite season so far?

Family Edition
TAR 10
TAR 11 (All Stars)
TAR 12
TAR 13
TAR 14
TAR 15
TAR 16
TAR 17
TAR 18 (Unfinished Business)
TAR 19
TAR 20
TAR 21
TAR 22
TAR 23
TAR 24 (All Stars)
TAR 25
I can't say what one has been better. There are 2-3-4 i like more than the others.

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Re: Favorite TAR Season so far.
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TAR9 was kind of crap srynotsry
TAR25: The best HD season since TAR18.
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Re: Favorite TAR Season so far.
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Check my post on the previous page, I made a complete ranking with reasoning behind it all.

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Re: Favorite TAR Season so far.
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TAR 14 hate should be a crime tbh.

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Re: Favorite TAR Season so far.
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TAR 14 hate should be a crime tbh.
very true
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Re: Favorite TAR Season so far.
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Re: Favorite TAR Season so far.
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My choice will be as follow:

Love : 5, 6, 11, 12, 18, 22, 26
Like : 7, 10, 14, 17, 21, 23, 25
Average : 3, 8, 13 ( just because of Dandrew, otherwise boring), 15, 16
Dislike : 2, 9, 19, 20, 24 (Just because of Caroline and Jennifer, otherwise worse than horrible)
Horrible : 1, 4

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Re: Favorite TAR Season so far.
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favorite seasons:
1, 5-7, 12-18, 25, 26
what might have been

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Re: Favorite TAR Season so far.
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TAR Season Ranking Reboot

1. TAR5 - Recovered from a not so great TAR4 at that point, 6 continent route <3, some improvement on tasks up until that point, I like the casts. Chip/Kim, Colin/Christie, Linda/Karen, Charla/Mirna. <333

2. TAR3 - Almost amazing as TAR5, the F3 was possibly one of the best F3 (I found Flo was pretty hilarious in trainwreck mode on rewatch). The only problem was the first half generally kinda slow.

3. TAR2 - Great improvement from TAR1, the route was drastic contrast to TAR1 with focus on non tourist location and more focus on South Hemisphere. Editing was better, cast was pretty great like Oswald/Danny, Mary/Peach, Blake/Paige. Unfortunately TAR3 and TAR5 were more amazing, but this season still great and I love it.

4. TAR1 - The cast and route was great, the only problem TAR1 have was the leg design, HoO, and slow editing.

5. TAR17 - The route was OK, definitely an improvement after the TAR15-TAR16 stretch. But on some part especially for final leg, I was kinda overwhelming. Still this season was great.

6. TAR6 - This season was still perform great despite it was too much HoO. The negativity of Jonathan/Victoria kinda dragged down the season.

7. TAR25 - Like TAR5, this season act as rehabilitating season for TAR hardcore fans to hook back on TAR. We have decent task, likeable cast and winner. The route was great and reminiscent to a classic season.
8. TAR12 - A great season with new innovation like U-Turn, Speed Bump, and a full final leg in final destination city. The cast was memorable like Ron/Christina, Goths, and Azaria/Handekea. The only thing it hurts TAR12 was the shortness of the season and the winner.

9. TAR18 - The best TAR All-Stars season so far, even better than TAR11 IMO with decent route, decent task and likable winner.

10. TAR4 - A weak season compare to TAR1-TAR2-TAR3, but actually it's not pretty bad than the later season.

11. TAR22 - Top-tier route, task was OK, cast was all right and I generally enjoy watching it.

12. TAR19 - Same as TAR22 except it was pretty calm, but I'm still pretty much enjoy watching it.

13. TAR13 - A MOR season that was neither a great season nor bad season.

14. TAR11 - The SA portion was too long and kinda dragged the season. The leg design was pretty bad in like the both Poland legs. The cast was acceptable to be the All-Stars teams, but still we have some WTF casting choices. This season was OK but not impressive enough to be an all-star season.

15. TAR10 - A season that when the great part happen it was amazingly great (China-Mongolia-Vietnam-India-Kuwait / Morocco-Spain-France finale), but at the same time when the bad part happen it was utterly bad. (Mauritius-Madagascar-Finland-Ukraine / NYC finale)
16. TAR26 - Another MOR season. I just find TAR26 task and leg design was more horrible than TAR13.

(TBC.) TAR27 - Most likely stay here or bumped up just above TAR26 depend on the finale.

17. TAR23 - Even though it has a rough SA start, the Europe leg to Japan legs was picking up and again a rough finish almost ruin it.

18. TAR21 - I enjoy the cast, and I specially bumped up because solely of Natalie & Nadiya, but overall I'm still not a fan of this route and majority of the task.

19. TAR20 - Almost the same as TAR23 except the cast was shown more negativity in TAR23.

20. TAR8 - The route and task was utterly horrible, but the overall casts keep me invested on this season.

21. TAR9 - Looking back, I might judging too harsh on this season. This is because I like the route there is so many self-driving this season. But I still can't bump up higher because I still not a fan of this cast, and the boot order doesn't help.

22. TAR14 - CONTROVERSIAL RANKING. 3 continent route was just look bad in my eyes idk, the Asian leg was pretty MEH. The F7 consists of non-couple teams looks OK on paper, but in the end I don't give a f**k about it.

23. TAR7 - CONTROVERSIAL RANKING. After several rewatch, I find the route was very poor, SA leg was pretty MEH sans premiere and maybe leg 3, a 3 consecutive savannah Africa leg was just overwhelming. The casts was not amazing as I thought on my first watch.

24. TAR15 - Again 3 continent route, task was mediocre in general, a cast that I don't care much about them.

25. TAR16 - Decent route, but the task was floating around OK-MEH-UGH region, and I don't enjoy the cast pretty much. That's it.

(Infinity gap)

26. TAR24 - Ew...
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TAR25: The best HD season since TAR18.
TARAS3/UB2 Potential Contestant:
Kym & Alli / Shelly & Nici (25), Hayley & Blair (26), Tanner & Josh / Denise & James Earl / Tiffany & Krista (27)

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Re: Favorite TAR Season so far.
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The cycle of TAR 14 - 18 is my favourite ever!


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Re: Favorite TAR Season so far.
« Reply #59 on: August 02, 2015, 09:17:05 PM »
1. TAR 3 - Greatest season there ever was. Best teams, great winners (no I'm not kidding), terrific route and and all around high fun factor. My personal favourite
2. TAR 6 - This used to be my favourite season for many years, but season 3 beats it due to the teams. This season however, is the best on all aspects. Sweden and X'ian are the top two legs
3. TAR 5 - A favourite for most fans, and I can see why. This is one of only two seasons to visit 6 continents. The cast were lively, the locales were wicked, and the new twists were many. Terrific
4. TAR 18: Unfinished Business - Best season of the new era. Terrific teams, perfect route (Australia, Austria, Swiss, Brazil) and very exciting. Winners were meh & too many teams from TAR14
5. TAR 22 - Loved it. One of the best premiere legs in a long time. Terrific route actually, with less Asia and more Europe. Memorable players and tasks. Let down only by the final two legs
6. TAR 7 - Outstanding, but let down by very poor locations. One of the best casts and great excitement from the players, best winners of the show to date! Nice tasks and twists, terrific
7. TAR 21 - Underrated season. Aside from the first three legs, I enjoyed it, especially by Amsterdam. Great teams and alliances, besides the twinnies. One of the best finales of the new era
8. TAR 19 - Love it. Even though the two Thai legs come down as two of the worst legs in TAR, the rest was terrific - Indonesia, Denmark & Belgium. Loved the teams but hated the winners
9. TAR 25 - A tad overrated, but it is one of the more likable seasons. Recovered after the awful 24th, with great players and good locales. Boring final leg but an impressive season anyhow
10. TAR 12 - A relatively short season, but a definite improvement over the prior four seasons. A memorable cast and some pretty new locations never before seen. Liked the new twists also
11. TAR 2 - A great sequel to the first season. They really found their way from here onwards. The locations were nothing special and I loathed Chris & Alex and Tara & Wil. Great season
12. TAR 4 - Often hated and forgotten by fans. I can see why, but I must admit I really enjoyed it. The first two legs were weak, but the rest of it was very nice. Less suspense but good alround
13. TAR 17 - Although I did enjoy it, I found it to be a tad boring at times, especially during the Russian legs as well as the last three episodes. Cast were neat, and a good route. A decent season
14. TAR 20 - An average season. I enjoyed the middle tier- from Italy to India. Some of the teams were unbearable, but I enjoyed it for what it was
15. TAR 26 - This would have been the perfect season and possibly in the top three, but the blind dating/lack of any suspense put it down. The visits to Germany, Monaco and Amsterdam = great
16. TAR 14 - A mixed bag for me. I enjoyed the new format for the show, but this season contained the worst final 3 in TAR history and too many dull legs in Asia. Overall, good, but not great
17. TAR 11: All-Stars - It is a good season, but not memorable. It lacked Europe and teams I wanted to see return who didn't. It was just OK, but that's not saying very much
18. TAR 23 - Another mixed bag of a season for me. Another new format for the show, and I enjoyed the locations, but it was missing elements that TAR needs to keep it interesting
19. TAR 9 - Doesn't sit very well with me. Two teams dominated the season, the non-elimination placement was predictable and it was just average
20. TAR 10 - Season 10 has always been a least favourite. Lacks suspense, and I dislike the six pack alliance. The locations were below par, and it doesn't remain as a memorable season
21. TAR 15 - No U-Turns to be played, only 1 Fast Forward, and a boring final three legs. I loved this season in the beginning, but now it is forgettable. It seems rushed and incomplete
22. TAR 1 - The original series was good in its time, but lacks the suspense of other seasons ahead of it and they really were just setting things up at this point
23. TAR 8: Family Edition - This is the first bad season I watched. I still dislike it, I only liked one or two families, the route was atrocious and it is pure dull and weak
24. TAR 16 - This one used to be my least favourite of them all. I hated the people, and I still do. The tasks and route were terrible, and I couldn't make it past the first six legs.
25. TAR 24: All Stars - Awful, awful. The third time they brought back teams, and it sucks. Bad route, bad task design, definitely bad winners, weak all around and a poor boot order. Terrible
26. TAR 13 - This is the one season that I cannot sit through. It is that bad, weak and nothing good about it at all