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Re: Your favourite TAR moment
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Don't know if I'd call it my favorite but I loved the part in TAR 23 in the first Indonesia leg where Jamal yells, "LEO!! DESTROY IT!!" and then Nicole tries to cheat and they edit the scene with intercuts to their interview where they say "We're trying trying to set an example for our kids. We're gonna run the race in an honest way." Again, don't know if I'd call it my favorite Amazing Race moment, but it's up there.

Also in TAR 18 when Kynt and Vysxin and Jaime and Cara were at the U-Turn board and the cheerleaders beg Kynt and Vyxsin to U-Turn the globes but they U-Turn the cheerleaders right in front of their face.

Then of course (I'm gonna get hate for this) all the laughs that BJ and Tyler created. Jumping out of the bushes in Brazil, creating a sign up sheet in Sicily, and the bus scene on the way to Athens Airport where they pretend the ghosts of teams eliminated are on the bus.


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