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Vanessa has a new gig. She's been hired to be on the morning show for a country music radio station in San Antonio.

Provocative ‘Amazing Race’ finalist lands morning radio gig

San Antonio’s Vanessa Macias, who made waves recently as a finalist on CBS’ “Amazing Race,” doesn’t have the figure for that non-visual medium either.

The curvaceous Macias, nevertheless, just landed a morning gig at country station, KCYY-FM (Y100). She’s the new sidekick to more entrenched morning man Jeff Roper.

“I always preferred radio,” Macias, who caught national attention last spring on network TV with her brash behavior and what she called “a potty mouth” on “Race,” said. 

Listen for instances of such earthy talk from 5 to 10 a.m. weekdays at 100.3 on the FM dial. On Tuesday morning, for instance, she credited some “saccharin sweet” romantic statements from Blake Shelton and wife Miranda Lambert for “the vomit in my mouth.”

Her experience? The Incarnate Word High graduate started at KSYM during her San Antonio College years and worked mornings at a station in Austin for a brief time.  She was a featured reporter for a time on the early “Great Day SA” and had a travel show on the Fox affiliate here.

As the Y100 morning show is music-intensive, Macias doesn’t have much time to talk. It sounds like Roper leads the conversation and cracks more jokes. She did report the day’s entertainment headlines and added a few quips along the way, however.

She also said country singer Justin Lynch looked like Jud from Pet Sematary; in other words, Fred Gwynne, known to most as Herman Munster. Ouch. . .well, he kind of does.

Macias said she’ll still be working in PR for the San Antonio Talons when the season starts up again. And she’ll continue training with Jesse James Leija for Ringside SA, an upcoming charity event in the Freeman Coliseum that has local celebrity boxers duking it out in the ring while raising money for South Texas Hispanic Fund.

What qualifies Vanessa to be an early-rising country DJ? She’s grown up with those tunes in her native San Antonio.   

Besides, she’s used to being wide awake in the wee hours. “I have insomnia,” she said. “I sleep only about four hours a night.”


Vanessa Macias -- part of the Dating Divorcees team on last season's "Amazing Race" -- was arrested in Texas early Friday morning for driving while intoxicated ... TMZ has learned.

32-year-old Macias -- who came in 4th place on "Race" -- was pulled over by the San Antonio Police Department around 2 AM on October 26. During the stop, officers claim they detected the presence of alcohol. 

Macias was arrested and hauled to a nearby station where she was booked for misdemeanor DWI -- and posed for an extremely wide-eyed mug shot.

Macias was released a few hours later after posting $1,000 bond.

A rep for Vanessa tells TMZ ... the former reality star feels extremely remorseful over the arrest.

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For all those who wanted to see the mugshot -


Vanessa has just got a new boyfriend. This time the guy is Tim Duncan. :groan:

Well I didn't know she was interested in NBA.



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