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TAR 20: Joey Lasalla and Danny Horal *Friends*

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--- Quote ---JOEY “FITNESS”: Aside from sleeping on the floors, just the traveling, too. You’ll see on TV where they’ll show us on the bus from Point A to Point B. Meanwhile we’re been on the bus for eighteen hours. You’re just trekking and traveling on different flights. On TV it looks like two seconds. They’re flying from Argentina to Paraguay to Germany. In reality, we’re running through airports, racing to Customs, and it takes a toll on your body. You’re never getting a good night’s sleep. You’re either sleeping on a plane or not sleeping at all.
--- End quote ---

This is interesting and it also explains why people get frustrated or emotional. They are just plain tired.

Thanks for all the interviews.  :tup:

ETA: I didn't like them at first but they grew on me. I was sorry to see them go.

Glamazon Racer:
I definitely think they could've got very far into this race, if they had survived the leg. :tup: I found them really fun to watch!

I wish they never attempted the Fast Forward, then they would've probably survived. :( But then Vanessa & Ralph would be gone, so it's a lose/lose situation. :lol:


--- Quote from: bc922 on March 26, 2012, 07:48:30 PM ---
I think the way we were portrayed on the show was as two good guys, so I hope the world saw that. And if there's an all-stars edition, yeah, we definitely want to be brought back. We discussed this and we'd be guaranteed to win if we get brought back on all-stars.

--- End quote ---

Mmhmm...  :whoop:

I was sad to see them eliminated, especially in a battle for a fast forward which I usually love.
They got Terence and Sarah'd :( does that mean Vanessa and Ralph are going to forgo their shoes at a detour and Dave (of Rachel) is going to have his fitness brought under scrutiny by a baker woman? I hope so!

I also loved their quirky fashion moments!!!


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