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S24: Kim Spradlin

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My friends and I have a Survivor Bet every year where we pick players before the show begins, and the winners takes the bot. So far I've done extremely well, as I've selected Sophie, Fabio, and Sandra in the past seasons. I picked Kim this year, as she looks like she could go far, and I really likes how quirky she is. Fingers crossed I can win again! I also picked Jonas and Sabrina, but most of my money's on Kim right now.

She's Amanda-ish! :conf: :lol:

I predict she'll win.

Well 4 episodes in and I'd say Miss Kim is looking like the best chance of the women to win. Maybe Sabrina a close second. But Kim is definitely getting a strong edit and I loves me some Kim!    :luvya:

Glamazon Racer:
Yeah, I'm getting that sort of vibe from her edit as well. I'd be perfectly happy with that - she's like my 2nd or 3rd fave. :tup:


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