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Played a much better game than Russel. Top 5 women players period.

Glamazon Racer:
I thought she played a great game until the Final Seven, but from Kat's ousting onwards, I thought her moves were pretty poor. I thought she'd beat everybody except Sabrina/Chelsea without a second thought, but I thought getting rid of the dead weight like Tarzan and Christina was downright awful! :groan: That's when I started to dislike her... although still the best outcome since Samoa! :lol:

Regardless of what ppl have said. I really think she is one of the best winners/players in Survivor history. She's my fave winner since JT(and that was like 3 years ago!). I liked Rob winning on RI too, but that was so predictable. Kim winning was predictable too, but it was still fun to watch her dominate each week.

She's easily up there on the list of top female players with people like Parv,Steph. If she ever returns, she could end up having a Russell styled season. In the sense that, she played the 1st time, people think her gameplay wasn't as good cause it was against an unintelligent cast. Then returning, and owning abunch of top players in Survivor history.

Sure, the people she competed against might have sucked, but it still counts as a great dominating performance. Just like Rob on Redemption Island. She's even been praised by many former contestants(notable one is Richard Hatch).

Hopefully she does end up returning in the future for another all star styled season or something like that. I said it from the beginning(on twitter) that this season was "Survivor: Kims World", that's all it really should be remembered for anyways.

Is she ever gonna get twitter or anything? I remember Jeff saying she never got it cause of some rule, but now that the seasons done, she'd prob get it wouldn't she?

Russell played a good game it's just the jurors were bitter. Kim's jury wasn't :D

Va Va Voom:
So happy that she won  :hearts:


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