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Name (Age): Troy Robertson (50)
Tribe Designation: Manono
Current Residence: Miami, Fla. 
Occupation: Swimsuit Photographer
Personal Claim to Fame: Adopting and raising my family of 12 marmoset monkeys.   
Inspiration in Life: Muhammad Ali. He changed the face of boxing and perhaps sports in general. He is the most recognized athlete on the planet and an outspoken social activist who crossed the racial limits. 
Hobbies: Studying monkeys, swimming, walking in nature with my dogs and working in exotic locations. 
Pet Peeves: People that constantly text while Im having a conversation with them, bad drivers and women with manly hands. 
3 Words to Describe You: Adventurous, determined and entertaining. 
SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like:  If I were to be totally honest Id have to say I relate to no one. Im Troy Robertson, Im like nobody else!
Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: I need this challenge for myself more than you will ever know! I want to know how and who I am in a major competition like this. This show is all I have thought about and concentrated on in the past 11 years!!! I need to know dreams come true.
Why You Think Youll Survive SURVIVOR: Im a true outdoorsman. I can make a fire with two sticks. I am a swimmer and a natural born leader. I have the ability to make people the best they can be. I have great animal instincts and swim like a dolphin. 
Why You Think You Will Be the Sole SURVIVOR: I believe its my destiny. Truthfully, because I believe 100% that Survivor was created for me. Ive been waiting 10 years and nothing will stop me! I have the skills and energy for every single category played on Survivor. There is not a single person on this planet more suited for this adventure!

Glamazon Racer:
He seems very confident! :lol:


--- Quote from: racer on January 18, 2012, 09:18:12 AM ---He seems very confident! :lol:

--- End quote ---

And eccentric :lol:

ZBC Company:
He must not married  wonder who going have vist his monkey too much monkeys :oh

"I sit out in the enclosure with the monkeys for hours at a time"



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