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Glamazon Racer:
So I was wondering last night about how the Hidden Immunity Idols would work with two tribes living at one camp...

Do you guys think that there will be 2 idols hidden at the camp or only 1? Or maybe will Exile return?

I just had a random thought yesterday about this. What do you guys think? :duno:

I looked around because I was curious as well. Dalton Ross reported in a new article on, regarding how the hidden immunity idols will work this season.

"The way hidden immunity idols are played will also be different in season 24. This time, there will be two idols hidden at the camp — one for each tribe — but finding your tribe’s idol does not guarantee your safety. Instead, as Probst explains, “When you find the idol, you can’t use it for yourself. You have to give it to someone from the other tribe.” The trick will be picking the right person to give it to, and perhaps getting concessions in return — not to mention lobbying for the other team’s idol once someone finds it."

Glamazon Racer:
That's really interesting! :wohoo:

Great info rockhopper78, and welcome to RFF! :wel2 :bigwelcome :hello2:

Reilly Queens:
How will they know what tribe idol it is?

And, what happens if a member of one tribe finds the other tribe's idol?

Or, is it simply this:  If you find a hidden idol, you must give it to a member of the other tribe?  Also, what are the rules at that point?  Can that person give it to someone else on their tribe?  Can they give it to someone on the original tribe?

ETA:  What if I find my tribe's idol, and before I give it to someone on the other tribe we merge (or there is a tribal shuffle, and I end up on the other tribe)?

I would assume all of these are issues that were thought up as they were writing the rules.


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