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TAR Norway - LIVE Sightings and SPOILERS **please read post 1**

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The race is believed to be starting on Monday! The filming will continue on for one month!

Stay tuned!
 From peach:
LIVE sightings and spoilers go here!  :hearts:
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LEG 1: Oslo, Norway - Dubai, UAE

Film Date: JAN 09 - ?
Air Date: TBA

Leg Route/Tasks:
EVIDENCE: insider info +this is the former homecourt of the host!

ROUTE INFO: Fly to Dubai, UAE?
FLIGHT INFO: Oslo Gardermoen Airport (OSL) to Dubai, UAE (DXB)
EVIDENCE: insider info
TASKS: Teams sighted at Dubai Mall


Safe from Elimination at End of Leg: Michelle & Cathrine, Truls & Morten, Karim & Khabat, Frank & Ivar, Kari & Stein
Possibly Eliminated:

LEG 2 (?) Dubai, UAE - Jaipur, India




LEG 3 Jaipur, India - Hue/Hanoi, Vietnam

Film date: JAN 17-18

Teams sighted in Jaipur, probably at beginning of leg: Michelle & Cathrine, Truls & Morten

Safe at end of leg: Michelle & Cathrine, Truls & Morten, Karim & Khabat, Frank & Ivar, Kari & Bjørn
Possibly eliminated:

LEG 4 Hanoi, Vietnam - Singapore (?)

Film date: JAN 18/19 - ?


LEG 5?  Singapore (?) - Sydney, Australia

Film date: JAN 21-22

Teams sighted at Changi airport, Singapore: Michelle & Cathrine, Karim & Khabat
Evidende: Pictures on page 2

Tasks: Beach volleyball task at Coogee Beach
Evidence: Pictures on page 2

Safe at end of leg: Truls & Morten, Frank & Ivar, Kari & Bjørn
Possibly Eliminated: ?

LEG 6? Sydney, Australia - Katoombi/Blue Mountains, Australia

Tasks: Task at Bondi Beach before going to Katoombi?
Evidence:Picture on page 3, Teams followed by  "proudlilrocker" (twitter) in Katoombi
Rockclimbing in Blue Mountains?

Film date: JAN 23/24?

LEG 7 ? Katoombi/Blue Mountains, Australia - Melbourne, Australia

Film date: JAN 24/25?

Teams sighted at Maroondah Dam (possible bungee jump?) outside Melbourne and Eureka skydeck in Melbourne.

Teams safe at end of leg: Truls & Morten, Frank & Ivar, Kari & Bjørn

LEG 8 Melbourne, Australia - Hong Kong

Pictures of teams in Hong Kong: Kari (of Kari & Bjørn), Frank & Ivar and Truls & Morten

Tasks: Task at Ocean Park?

Film date: JAN 27


Contestants revealed already!!


TEAM 1 - Catherine Holen and Tor Holen: Father/Daughter
Cathrine Hjelmli Holen (22) from Malmefjord, Møre and Romsdal county - caretaker assistant
Tor Einar Holen (42) from Malmefjord, Møre and Romsdal county - works in the oil industry

TEAM 2 - Truls Bjerke and Morten Bjerke: Brothers
Truls Bjerke (30) from Bodø, Nordland county - Daily manager in a hobby/toystore and part-time bartender
Morten Bjerke (34) from Bodø, Nordland county - clothing store manager

TEAM 3 - Julie Aamodt and Vicky Ericsson: Girlfriends
Julie Aamodt (28) from Oslo - Executive assistant in Fox international channel
Vicky Ericsson (30) from Gothenburg in Sweden but lives in Oslo -bar-owner

TEAM 4 - Kenneth Holt and Hakan Pandul: Co-workers/rappers
Kenneth Holt (32) - Oslo
Hakan Pandul (32) - Oslo

TEAM 5 - Karim Sabuer and Khabat Sarzali: Friends
Karim Sabuer (26) - Oslo - Waiter
Khabat Sarzali (27) - Oslo - Waiter

Team 6 - Paul Egeberg and Ivar Juliussen: Cousins/Friends
Pål Christian Egeberg (32) - Hamar, Hedmark county - Guard of the lottery-results (??) in "Norsk Tipping"
Ivar Juliussen (39) - Hamar, Hedmark county - works with children

TEAM 7 - Victoria Enge and Bjarne Drevland: Friends
Vilde Naomi Enge (20) from Oslo - Student
Bjarne Vegard Drevland (31) from Kragerø, Telemark county - artist of some kind..

TEAM 8 - Martha Berberg and Elise Berberg: Sisters
Martha Berberg (22) from Kristiansand, Vest-Agder county - Flowerdecorator, caretaker assistant, cleaning assistant
Elise Berberg (25) from Kristiansand, Vest-Agder county - barrista

TEAM 9 - Michelle Holm and Catherine Amderson: Friends
Michelle Holm (29) - Holmestrand, Vestfold county - Interior design consultant
Catherine andersen (29) - Oslo - Secretary at a doctors office

TEAM 10 - Frank Falander and Ivar Falander: Twins
Frank Hesmyr Falander (26) from Flatdal, Telemark county - arts and crafts teacher
Ivar Hesmyr Falander (26) from Flatdal, Telemark county - student

TEAM 11 - Kari Setsaas and Bjørn Setsass: Married
Kari Hagrud Setsaas (44) - Høvringen i Rondane, Oppland county
Bjørn Setsaas (64) - Høvringen i Rondane, Oppland county
They work with tourism in the mountains



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