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What is your favourite survivor intro?

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So I just wanted to know what everyone's favourite survivor intro was (yes I am Canadian that is why favourite is spelled as is  :lol:)

*You can pick up to three

I chose China, Gabon, and Thailand. They were really cultural to me (from the music to the scenes) and they blend well. :tup:

Many people have chosen China. I'm glad. :lol:

I didn't like China because I didn't watch it apart from one episode where they were eating baby turtles....

Glamazon Racer:
I haven't seen too many, but I am currently watching Survivor: Micronesia, and to me, the music just feels so much more epic than any of the others. The music feels more dynamic and full of action. I don't know why I get that impression, though... :duno:


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