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There doesn't really seem to be a great place to post this, but since TOMS is Blake's company, I'll put this here and in the AI thread.
Apparently TOMS had a "Day Without Shoes" a couple of weeks ago (April 10th), and both Colton Dixon and Phillip Phillips joined in

Blake's gotten a bad rap lately but I think the guy is doing great things with the TOMS One for One model - it really opens some doors for businesses to give back which I LOVE. This article I read talks about how Blake Mycoskie incorporated One for One into his book sales too, giving a book to a child for every book sold - thought that was pretty cool. He's supposedly starting a Start Something That Matters Fund where 50% of his book sales goes into the fund and people can present their idea/business plan and get a chance to receive start up funding.

It reminds me...this is a link for an interview Blake had on the "Ellen Degeneres Show" last year in October.

For Blake


Saw Blake's book on the 'best sellers' section earlier today.
Didn't know he wrote a book. Congrats Blake! :conf:


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