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The audience for “American Idol”, the reality singing competition,  dropped by some 18 percent to 21.6 million viewers when the TV singing contest returned for its 11th season, according to early ratings figures on Thursday.
The drop was even bigger — about 27 percent – with viewers ranging from 18 to 49-year-olds, the audience group most coveted by advertisers, Nielsen figures showed.
But despite the fall-off, which Fox television executives said they had expected, the two-hour “American Idol” season premiere was still the most-watched show by a huge margin on U.S. television Wednesday night.
The 21.6 million viewers on Wednesday, compared to 26.2 million who watched the 2011 season premiere when new judges Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez made their first appearance for the 10th season.
Fox television chairman Kevin Reilly said last week that the network was expecting the audience for “American Idol” to be down this season because of the show’s age.
But media watchers say “Idol” — the most-watched show on U.S. television for seven years — faces the stiffest competition ever in 2012 with rival singing contests “The Voice” on NBC, and the debut season of “The X Factor” on Fox, which ended just one month ago.


'American Idol': Gabi Carrubba's 'Sunday Morning' has gorgeous tone


"American Idol" kicked off its eleventh season Wednesday night (Jan. 18) with a stop in Savannah, Ga., where we met 16-year-old Gabi Carrubba. She chose Maroon 5's "Sunday Morning" for her audition and we were smitten.

She had the purest, most beautiful tone, it was absolutely lovely. We loved the small changes she made to the melody line. The judges were similarly complimentary. J-Lo also praised the changes, Steven said she "nailed it" and then she went through with three yes votes.

'American Idol': Joe Magrane's daughter Shannon auditions


"American Idol" was graced by its second progeny of a 1980s St. Louis Cardinals player when 15-year-old Shannon Magrane auditioned in Savannah. She is the daughter of Joe Magrane, a pitcher in the Majors from 1987 to 1996, finishing third in Rookie of the Year voting in '87.

Anyway. Shannon auditioned with "Hold on Me" by Etta James and we loved her cool, jazzy voice, especially considering her young age. The judges also praised her "nerves of steel" performing in front of her gaggle of friends and family.

There was also an outstandingly awkward moment when Steven Tyler tells Joe Magrane his daughter is hot. *headsmack* We hope to see her later on - she can duet with Nico Smith, son of Ozzie Smith. Ozzie and Shannon's dad Joe played together on the St. Louis Cardinals.

'American Idol': Amy Brumfield goes from the tent to Hollywood


"American Idol" found a rather interesting girl in Amy Brumfield, whom Jennifer Lopez dubbed a "hipsy" (a hippie and a gypsy). She is out of work and her husband works odd jobs and because they can't really afford anything, they live in a tent in the woods. For real. It doesn't seem like a necessarily sad story, though - she's kind of a gypsy girl and prefers to be happy and out in the woods rather than miserable and indoors.

For her audition, she does Alicia Keys' "Superwoman" and it's startlingly soulful. We should've assumed that a Tennessee woods gypsy would be soulful, but still. Lovely.

The judges also love it. Steven Tyler says, "The spirits and the children of the woods snuck into you." What did you think, "Idol" fans? Were you a fan of Amy Brumfield?


'American Idol': Phillip Phillips' 'Thriller,' 'Superstition' win the night


"American Idol" may have found its winner in Phillip Phillips. Let's run it down - he's super cute, he plays the guitar, his Southern/kinda country and guess what? He can sing and play really well, too, so that's just a bonus.

For his audition, since they can't use instruments, Phillip did "Superstition" and reminded of a less affected and cuter Casey Abrams. Then the Randy told him to get his guitar and he did a wonderful cover of "Thriller." Awesome. Cannot wait to see more of this kid.

We could even put aside that his name is Phillip Phillips (which someone up the chain of command should answer for). What did you think, "Idol" fans? Awesome, right?

Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl: 'Music is more' than 'American Idol' or 'The Voice'

Dave Grohl admits his Foo Fighters schedule doesn't leave him much time to check out TV's singing competitions.

Which isn't to say he doesn't have an opinion about them. The frontman for the long-popular band -- which has Album of the Year and Best Rock Album (for "Wasting Light") among its six nominations in the 54th Annual Grammy Awards, airing Sunday, Feb. 12, on CBS -- has views both positive and not-so-positive of such shows as FOX's "American Idol" and NBC's "The Voice."

"Anything musical, I support," former Nirvana drummer Grohl tells Zap2it. "I think it's wonderful that people get a chance to celebrate music when they watch those shows, and maybe discover songs they've never heard before and get personally invested in someone's path.

"But honestly, people need to know music is more than that, more than commercials and more than bright lights and television and glamor. Music starts from the heart, in your living room and at school. It's great that those shows inspire people to want to go out and sing themselves, but one thing I think is dangerous is that in some way, it uses that as an example for a career."

In fact, Grohl stresses, "I don't think music should be a career option. I honestly don't. I got lucky. I won the lottery, but I think people should play music for the sake of playing music ... and it should be its own reward. When I look at those shows, I understand those people are trying to do really well, but music's not a contest. And it's not a TV show. It's real."

And it comes from having a certain background, Grohl believes: "My stuff comes from keg parties and sweaty nightclubs and having the singer jump on top of your head during the chorus. That's why I'm so passionate about it. It's not because I won a TV contest and somebody gave me a million dollars. Music is a lot deeper."

With Foo Fighters concerts slated for Japan and Argentina in the coming months, Grohl likely won't be paying much "Idol" or "Voice" attention this time, either.  "If I have five seconds, I try to close my eyes and take a nap," he confirms. "That's the story of my life."

'American Idol': Reed Grimm's 'Family Matters' theme song a brilliant choice


We've made no secret of the fact over the years that we want "American Idol" to do a TV show theme song night. (What? Like that'd be any worse than some of the other "themes" they've done over the years. Remember when they did "songs Gwen Stefani has, like, heard on the radio ever" theme night?).

So we got a little bit of our wish when Reed Grimm auditioned with the theme song from "Family Matters." We love the weird scatting Casey Abrams thing he has going on, plus he's super adorable.

The judges were also impressed. Steven called him "crazy" and "genius," while J.Lo said, "The mark of a great performer is you never know what they're gonna do ... and you have that."


'American Idol': Eben Franckewitz's 'Ain't No Sunshine' and his cuteness


Eben Franckewitz is the latest 15-year-old to grace the "American Idol" seal for auditions. He's cute as a bug in a rug and he brought with him his equally cute and super supportive parents, which is wonderful. Everyone should be so lucky as to have parents like that.

For his audition, he tore up some "Ain't No Sunshine" and our only quibble was that he didn't get to sing longer. We wanted him to get to the "And I know, I know, I know ... leave the young thing alone." But anyway, it was wonderful.

Jennifer said of the audition, "Some people just have it, some people are just born to do it. I think that's you" and Randy praised his "Natural, God-given gift that is pretty amazing and spot-on."

'American Idol': Erika Van Pelt's smoky alto impresses everyone


Sure, it's impressive to see 15- and 16-year-olds have these massive voices and talent. But we also like some of the 25+ crowd who can bring it (and usually with more gravitas). Case in point: Erika Van Pelt, who auditioned for "American Idol" with Carole King's "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?"

It was gorgeous. Erika has more than a little Carole King in her voice and we agree with Randy when he said, "This is how you do it. I love that you got this low alto, this low tone. Oh my god, all the turns, the phrases."

J.Lo and Steven also liked her whole persona. Steven called her "very sexy, very sure of yourself" and J.Lo added, "The voice matches her and it kind of all works together."

We hope to see a lot more of her moving forward.

'American Idol': Hallie Day recovers from suicide attempt to turn her life around


Hallie Day and her story of overcoming addiction and a suicide attempt was saved for the last audition on Thursday's (Jan. 19) "American Idol." We think it's great that she was able to turn her life around and we thought she had a nice voice.

However. We didn't love her choice of "I Will Survive." When Steven Tyler actually asked for something else, we agreed with him, but she didn't have to sing anything else because everybody acted like Steven was being crazy. It just seemed a little forced to us.

J.Lo and Randy were all, "Really?" and "You haven't made up your mind that she's amazing?!" He covered by saying he likes watching her when she sings, but we kind of agreed with him. But she's good and deserved to go through.

What did you think?


American Idol" (17.8 million, 10.2/16) on Jan 19


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