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Most Memorable Quotes of TAR

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JAIME: "They think it's hilarious, and we're in a race and they're laughing." (At Guilin "Choreography" Detour)


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Wait A Minute, Are You Wet - Taxi Driver

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Haha, My fav one!

"At the end of the race we want to be mushrooms!" or something said by Jet and Dave (translated from their french) Hahaha


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Check your PMs! ;)

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Could I get the link too please?  :please:

Here are some of mine from S20,

Art: Look at JJ. He looks like a gorilla in a chiffon suit.

Art: Rachel looked like the cheerleader who didn't make the cheerleading team but kept trying.

Dave: I don't know, I've totally forgotten how to divide.  :groan:

JJ: [Joey and Danny] look like they're from a bad 80s movie with some Wham playing in the background.

Rachel: I know nothing about salami. I know it's on pizza. I like pizza.

Vanessa: I haven't had that much salami since high school.


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