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Brandon actually accomplished a main goal on Survivor and ironically he did it, on Redemption Island.  He wanted so badly to redeem the Hanz family name and although I did not care for the way he played the game earlier, his courage on RI IMO leads him to have accomplished that goal.

He can leave with his head held high.   You redeemed yourself, Brandon!  Enjoy your life!

I felt sorry for him, he was all alone last night except for his uncle who sat in the audience stone faced and when asked said Brandon played a stupid game.  :cmas29


Texas Lady - I know what you mean.  What does that speak of the Hanz family that no one came out to support him?   What it also shows me is one reason why Brandon had to play an absurdly different game in order to break from the Hanz name.  I hope he finds peace within his family of his wife and children. 

Russell still scowls and frowns . . .  Couldn't even show a minute of pride in any part of the game (ie the challenges) that Brandon played.  :cmas5

The only good thing about Brandon's game is he remained loyal. And I certainly respected that.

But what I didn't respect was through this process, he hurt MANY people's feelings - namely, Mikayla, Dawn, Whitney... then Edna.

It's like if a man killed a rich man accidentally while robbing him for money to heal his sick wife, no matter if the intention was meant to be good and not evil, the man still committed a crime and should be punished for it.

Brandon's intention was good to want to uphold and change his family's name. I certainly buy his story for the first few episodes and even wanted people to give him a break for his little breakdowns. But when it came to a point where it was just too much, I guess I grew sick of him. Really sick.

Did he play a good game? No he did not. Did he change the family name? No he did not. Did he worsen the family name? I guess he did. At least in the past when people spoke to the family about being a Hantz, they can just say Russell's just playing a game of Survivor and is actually a really nice man in real life. But now, with 2 HANTZ ruining the family's name... it gets a little harder to convince people that the Hantz family is actually a family of good people. And it doesn't help that Papa Brandon seemed to be a little too aggressive during the family visit too.

Brandon took a risk to want to change the way people think about his family. He played a game, he didn't manage to do so... so he must be prepared to face criticisms and ridicule. I just hope this helps him to become an even better person in life and that he will learn and change from this life experience. :cmas16

I said it before and I'll say it again: Brandon is just a poor confused boy trying to be a man, who has no business being on Survivor. However, I will still respect him more than his uncle. :res: Or his father. :lol:


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