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Belle Book:
I agree with you on Sophie and on the edit of the women in the game for some time.  Sophie deserved more air time than she got, considering that she was the winner.  The problem is that she was on the show with four guys who had outsized personalities, and Probst liked them (or at least most of them) more than her, especially Coach.  Sophie knew what she was doing, and she showed it at the final Tribal Council.  Was her game play flashy?  Of course not.  But was it effective?  Yes.  And I'd probably take effective over flashy any day.

Belle Book


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--- Quote from: Joab on December 20, 2011, 12:34:36 PM ---Jai Ho, this recap deserves to be publicized like... on some Entertainment News website or what about Reality TV. Couldn't have summed up this season better. I like the Sophie part best. It really really summarize the essence and pivotal point to her win! :cmas16

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Thanks Joab, but unlike most people on or associated with Survivor, I'm not seeking attention...well, for my real-world accomplishments, maybe. Even though I enjoy reality TV, I'd be just as happy without it. I sure would get more done if it weren't for reality TV.

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Well.. I'm sure glad you decided to post it over here at RFF. Thanks for a great read! :cmas26


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