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Idries & Jamil eliminated in leg 2 of TAR 22 DUE TO aquaphobia lead to struggle in pick a pearl detour task, a question arose if Twin doctors registered to CBS and accepted earlier such as TAR 21 (no water-related task until leg 7 a non-elimination leg in Russia and chippendales cast were accepted as TAR 22, would Twin doctors go to leg 9 (assume James & Abba still lost their passport and the twin doctors faced flight connection drama at Frankfurt)
Answer question 1 from Bookworm (the ER Doctors eliminated in leg 11), Jamy still win the race

I love answering questions like this :)

What if Leo & Jamal found the shears in a few minutes in Leg 10?
- So Travis & Nicole would get the Speed Bump in Japan.
- Assuming that Leo & Jamal still got on the earlier flight, they would arrive at the Roadblock in first.
- Travis & Nicole would be caught up at the Speed Bump as Jason & Amy would continue with the Roadblock. Marie would pass them all, so the question is, would Amy and Nicole still help each other with Leo having a larger lead on the task (and probably noticing the buttons earlier)?
- I hope they wouldn't. But I don't know who is worse at the task since they basically made it an Intersection.  :cmas11
- If Jason & Amy gets through, they would probably still win with Amy's luck at the flour drop task. If not, it's between Tim & Marie and Leo & Jamal (guessing they'd be better at the flour drop task than Tracole).

What if there wasn't any answer-sharing in the Liechtenstein Roadblock?
- Justin got the first correct answer. I think Jen had the correct answer anyway and just asked Justin for confirmation. Flight Time and Jet both got lost, and Gary didn't (not shown at least. I rewatched this scene specifically). Vyxsin also got the answer on her own.
- So it's possible that only Jet and Flight Time had to restart, or Jet, Flight Time, Gary, and Jen had to restart. In either scenario, Jet & Cord wouldn't be last and wouldn't be U-Turned. So would they U-Turn someone else?
- If not, Flight Time & Big Easy would be eliminated after losing some of the tickets, or the U-Turned team would be (whoever that would have been). The rest is hard to decipher because of FT & BE's influence (like flustering Kent & Vyxsin).
- If so, FT & BE are out in Switzerland 1. Zev & Justin are out in Switzerland 2. Brazil is anyone's guess.
- Hope Kisha & Jen would still win in this scenario though.  :cmas20

What if John used the Express Pass in Bali?
- Chuck & Wynona would have been eliminated in Bali.
- In Vietnam, Pam & Winnie would target John & Jessica instead of YouTube. I have a feeling that they won't use the second U-Turn for their allies, and reserve that for revenge. So Mona & Beth or Joey & Meghan would be U-Turned too, (unless one of those two teams uses it). Dave & Connor have quit that leg so nobody else goes home.
- Botswana, how would John & Jessica fare in the Detour? Would they get the fire like Bates & Anthony? Would they switch early like Joey & Meghan? Would they immediately choose the trap detour like Pam & Winnie? Or would they stick with and fail at the for detour like Max & Katie? Anyway, next leg, Pam & Winnie's detour disaster (deserving of an All Stars comeback  :cmas22) happens and pretty sure locks every one else for the Final 6.
- Lots of bunching up in Switzerland, and it all depends on the cheese task and number of taxis waiting nearby (since Joey & Meghan just walked because no more taxis were left). My bet is Caroline & Jennifer getting eliminated here.
- Final 5 in Germany, Mona & Beth and Bates & Anthony had problems all around and it's anyone's guess. Especially how John & Jessica would affect their whole alliance's decision on flights and how the Double U-Turn in Scotland would turn out. Too many factors that could mix in here, so yeah :)
- My guess is the final 3: Bates & Anthony, John & Jessica (because I could see them U-Turning thier own allies at that point), and Max & Katie, with the same winners.

What if Nicole, Amy, and Marie all hit the flour target on their first try?
- The order would have been: Travis & Nicole, Jason & Amy, and Tim & Marie for the rest of the leg until the currency task.
- After that, it's anyone's guess, really  :cmas5 More suspenseful if so :)


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--- Quote from: Spitty2013 on November 14, 2013, 11:47:05 PM ---Here's one!
What if Travis & Nicole hadn't made their one, albeit, critical mistake on Leg 1 and won the double EPs? Who would "earn" the second one?

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Then Jason & Amy would win the 2nd Express Pass and everything would be a lot more boring this season.

--- End quote ---
Jamy used the EP to bypass leg 6 detour, Tim & Marie eliminated in leg 5 and Brandam saved (8th), Tim & Danny 7th (Brandon Squires have a playing music skill while Tim Wiyninger havent), Ice Girls 6th, ER doctors 5th, i cant predict more

Questions for bus transport in leg 2 of TAR 20 and TAR23
In TAR 20, if the first bus to Buenos Aires has been broken rather than second one and surpassed by second and third buses, would Army couple use Ep, who would eliminated and what would happen later including leg 3 if Dave/Rachel used EP in leg 2 RB task
In TAR 23 if the second bus to Santiago has been broken it windows and surpassed by second and third, that would mean the Bingo finished at 6th rather than eliminated and would Tim/Marie handover second EP to the Bunnies and both use immediately to bypass roadblock and would happen beyond if
1)The Exes refused to handover 2nd EP as well as use it in RB
2)Handover 2nd EP to the bunnies but not use 1st EP
3)Handover 2nd EP to the bunnies and the Bunnies not use EP
4)Both team use EP to bypass RB

If the First Bus to Buenos Aires broke down, then Brenchel would have been eliminated.

If Dave/Rachel used the EP on Leg 2 RB, they still would have incurred the penalty on Leg 3 RB. However, they could have fallen anywhere from 6th place to LAST, because they didn't have the EP to use on the Detour.

I'm confused which bus broke down? You said SECOND, but then said it was passed by the second & third buses.
If the 1st Bus broke down: Jamy would have been eliminated, which would have changed the season dramatically.
2nd Bus broke down: Tim & Marie would most likely NOT give the EP to the bunnies, and the Bunnies would have been eliminated.
3rd Bus broke down: Bingo Eliminated, nothing changes.

1. If the Exes didn't give or use an Express Pass, Bunnies would be eliminated.
2. If they gave the 2nd to the bunnies but didn't use theirs, it would be close between them and Bingo, but Bingo would get eliminated.
3. If they gave the 2nd EP to the Bunnies but they didn't use it, Bingo would be out.
4. If both teams used the EP, it would have been at the Pit Stop: 6th- Tim & Marie. 7th Bunnies. 8th Oklahoma. 9th- Ice Queens. 10th- Bingo. Bingo would still be eliminated, nothing changes.


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