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What if Jordan & Jeff are one of the TAR24 cast along with Brenchel?


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--- Quote from: eragon on April 07, 2012, 03:43:31 AM ---What if Joey & Danny beat Dave & Rachel at FF in Azerbaijan?

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They can go to F3 because most task in leg 7and 8 require team a physical skills
Leg 7 NEL (but they have huge advantage in Route info camp contruction task)
Leg 8 They would U-Turn Art/JJ forcing them to complete Air Supply Task and U-Turn Brenchel but both U-turned teams survive because them go far ahead "Kinder teachers"
Leg 9 NEL but I don't know they can dance bollywood movie better than Art/JJ
Leg 10 Art/JJ would be eliminated due to lost precious time in previous leg (as a result of being U-Turned in leg 8 and Bopper and Mark
Leg 11 Bopper/Mark eliminated due to leg problem

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Bopper & Mark would be eliminated in leg 10, because of the Bollywood from the previous leg.

If Dave & Rachel lost the FF, do you think they can survive the leg?

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I would say no. By the time Joey & Danny backtracked to the Roadblock, everyone was already at the Pit Stop sans Vanessa & Ralph and Nary & Jamie.

Glad they went when they did, would've went n1 if golfers saw the pit stop  :res:


--- Quote from: SteKay on November 21, 2013, 06:07:01 PM ---Glad they went when they did, would've went n1 if golfers saw the pit stop  :res:

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TBH I wanted Misa & Maiya to make it to Leg 2.

And with that What If Scenario: (assuming they don't make major mistakes)

They would survive all the way up to the finale for the following reasons.

Leg 2: Dave & Cherie Roadblock Fail and Bus
Leg 3: Vanessa & Ralph + Elliot & Andrew Detour Fail
Leg 4: NEL
Leg 5: Kerri & Stacy and Nary & Jamie struggles at the RB.
Leg 6: They could possibly go home but Nary & Jamie and Vanessa & Ralph struggled through the leg so IDK
Leg 7: NEL Nary & Jamie too far behind
Leg 8: Nary & Jamie's too far behind.
Leg 9: Mopper Indian RB and NEL
Leg 10: Same as Nary and Jamie
Leg 11: Vanessa's Ankle.

It would be interesting if that happened :lol:

You must take into account though what if they made the same mistakes too if they last longer?  :funny:


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