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--- Quote from: Platinum on November 02, 2013, 07:59:27 AM ---This one might be interesting. :) If Kaylani & Lisa were eliminated in TAR 19 Leg 1 because Kaylani lost her passport and she didn't make it to her scheduled flight, these could be the possible effects:
TAR 19 Leg 1 - NEL (Nothing changes.)
TAR 19 Leg 2- single elimination (What if Ethan & Jenna survived Leg 2?)
hazard returned to TAR 20 (Misa & Maiya'll receive it.)
TAR 20 Leg 1 - NEL (Misa & Maiya receive hazard but get NEL'd.)
TAR 20 Leg 2 - double elimination (Who will finish in 11th? 10th? 9th? so on and so forth... Who will be in the F3?)

--- End quote ---

For TAR19 , I think Ethan & Jenna is pretty decent team. They were just screwed up by dropping their clue.
Leg 3 - Liz & Marie go home due to the taxi problem.  :'( :'(
Leg 4 - NEL
Leg 5 - This was so random because I don't know what'll happen with the bus time table in Thailand. But I think they may survive it. So Jeremy & Sandy go home due to they got lost and traffic problem.
Leg 6 - NEL
Leg 7 - JJ go home due to Jennifer's RB.
Leg 8 - Laurence & Zac still go home due to getting lost to the pit stop & U-Turn.
Leg 9 - NEL
Leg 10 - Bill & Catie go home due to getting lost in Belgium.  :'(
Now leg 11 is really hard to predict since Jeremy & Sandy's cab is the one that shared the information with the others. So at least, They probably made it to Final 4.  :conf:

Then, TAR 20 , I think this is the interesting one.
Leg 2 - I think the Speedbum will slow down two girls a quite of time. So they will probably end up in the last bus. Which will made them survive along with another FF team. (Since bus 2 is delayed due to an accident). So bye-bye Elliot & Andrew and Dave & Cherri.
Leg 3 - Vanessa & Ralph go home due to the Detour problem.
Leg 4 - NEL
Leg 5 - Kerri & Stacy still go home since they have both problems about RB and direction.
Leg 6 - Joey "Fitness" & Danny go home due to the FF.
Leg 7 - NEL
Leg 8 - This is the hard one. Since I don't know that which team will work better at the camping task in last leg. But I'll give Nary & Jamie a little more credit. So Misa & Maiya will be NEL'ed last leg. Then, Brendon & Rachel may U-Turn someone to make them feel safe since Vanessa & Ralph was already eliminated. And the Speedbum in this leg is probably the most difficult Speedbum in the entire race. So... It was so hard to anticipate it. But I think Misa & Maiya will end their race here.  :ascared

Oh. I forgot about the F3. I think I'll make 2 cases of probability;

1. If Misa & Maiya miraculously survive Leg 8.
Leg 9 - NEL
Leg 10 - This leg was pretty tough for the girls. It was super physical leg. So this is the real problem for them. But I think they may survive it since Bopper & Mark is really far behind and they may probably hit the FF.  :funny: (I need hair to be pretty!)
Leg 11 - Here we go again , It was the one that pretty hard to predict. But I believe they'll somehow manage to beat Brenchel up. And be in F3 instead them.  :conf: (But my imaginary F3 was Davechel , Misa & Maiya and Brenchel  :hearts:)

2. If Nary & Jamie survive Leg 8.
Everything will be the same. Except that they will survive Leg 10 easier than Misa & Maiya. And they probably end up being in F3. (But I don't think they can beat Brenchel somehow)

Ps. and sorry if my typing was so confusing or grammatically wrong.  :'(  I'm not native and will practice writing.  :hoot:


Thank you very much!!! :kuss: I agree with you that the hardest speedbump I've ever seen was Nary & Jamie's. It's funny for me that I wasn't checking at your grammar carefully (since I'm a grammar nazi) :funny: :funny: :funny: . I was so focused with this that I didn't care about your grammar anymore. :lol:


Love that you agree with me.  :hearts:

I really love every Speedbum in S20. It was difficult and also spent quite of time on doing it. Unlike the lame one such as sit on the ice for 5 mins , toss a coin into the hole or eating Turkish ice-cream.  :groan:  Too bad for Nary & Jamie. If only it was an easier one.  :'(

Here's one!

What if Travis & Nicole hadn't made their one, albeit, critical mistake on Leg 1 and won the double EPs? Who would "earn" the second one?


--- Quote from: Spitty2013 on November 14, 2013, 11:47:05 PM ---Here's one!

What if Travis & Nicole hadn't made their one, albeit, critical mistake on Leg 1 and won the double EPs? Who would "earn" the second one?

--- End quote ---
Then Jason & Amy would win the 2nd Express Pass and everything would be a lot more boring this season.


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