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--- Quote from: SteKay on September 24, 2013, 06:23:47 PM ---I hope GlobeTrotters go home  (:;)

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--- Quote from: SamualDude on September 24, 2013, 05:44:45 PM ---What if the first leg in India of TAR 18 was a non-elimination?

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Margie & Luke NEL'd (and there will be no more NELs/TBCs for the rest of the season), Ron & Chris finish in 8th, Gallory eliminated in 7th :( , since a season can only have 3 NELs + TBCs for the whole season (unless there's a double elim in the season or if a season has 13 legs).  Cowboys go home in 6th, Goths' mistake will still make them finish in 5th, Zev & Justin most probably will finish in 4th. F3 will be the sisters, Globetrotters, and Margie & Luke. It really depends on luck from here on, but I think Kisha & Jen will still win.

I really think if the GTs hadn't riled up Vyxsin at the RB the Goths would have gotten to the pit stop correctly.

What if Matt/Daniel beat Max/Katie to the first pitstop? ???

TAR22 would've been a lot worse.


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