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Zev & Justin didn't lose their passports in season 15. Think they could have gotten very far.

Well if we go through leg by leg, Maria and Tiffany wound have been eliminated in Leg 4, Lance and Keri would probably still be eliminated Leg 5, Leg 6 was Mika's breakdown, so they survive. Leg 7 was Maria & Tiffany and Brian & Ericka problems, so Brain and Ericka would win. Leg 8 is an NEL. Leg 9 I think they would survive over Gary & Matt. Leg 10 is an NEL. Leg 11 was Globetrotter issues, so they would make Final 3.

Overall, they have a pretty good chance of making it to the Final 3, and a chance to win.

What if Amanda and Kris won the express pass in Leg 1?

Leg 2: Amanda & Kris use their Express Pass and Ron & Christina are eliminated.
Leg 3: Mel & Mike eliminated still.
Leg 4: NEL
Leg 5: I would think Amanda & Kris (& Gary & Mallory without the EP) would struggle/fall back, but I think Jaime & Cara would still be eliminated.
Leg 6: Margie & Luke eliminated still.
Leg 7: I would think this leg would eliminate Amanda & Kris, but they might survive and Kent & Vyxsin would be eliminated.
Leg 8: NEL
Leg 9: Depends where U-Turns fall, Amanda & Kris could easily go here too, unless the tactic of targeting Jet & Cord stays and they're eliminated.
Leg 10 (onward): I just don't know how far they would make it after this (if they made it). The competition is just way too tight.

In summary, I believe there are many opportunities that Amanda & Kris would hiccup, my personal feeling it would be Leg 7 in India. I don't think it would change the outcome of the race with Kisha & Jen still winning.

What if a u-turn/double u-turn existed in TAR15's 9th leg?


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