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Well if we go through leg by leg, Maria and Tiffany wound have been eliminated in Leg 4, Lance and Keri would probably still be eliminated Leg 5, Leg 6 was Mika's breakdown, so they survive. Leg 7 was Maria & Tiffany and Brian & Ericka problems, so Brain and Ericka would win. Leg 8 is an NEL. Leg 9 I think they would survive over Gary & Matt. Leg 10 is an NEL. Leg 11 was Globetrotter issues, so they would make Final 3.

Overall, they have a pretty good chance of making it to the Final 3, and a chance to win.

What if Amanda and Kris won the express pass in Leg 1?

Leg 2: Amanda & Kris use their Express Pass and Ron & Christina are eliminated.
Leg 3: Mel & Mike eliminated still.
Leg 4: NEL
Leg 5: I would think Amanda & Kris (& Gary & Mallory without the EP) would struggle/fall back, but I think Jaime & Cara would still be eliminated.
Leg 6: Margie & Luke eliminated still.
Leg 7: I would think this leg would eliminate Amanda & Kris, but they might survive and Kent & Vyxsin would be eliminated.
Leg 8: NEL
Leg 9: Depends where U-Turns fall, Amanda & Kris could easily go here too, unless the tactic of targeting Jet & Cord stays and they're eliminated.
Leg 10 (onward): I just don't know how far they would make it after this (if they made it). The competition is just way too tight.

In summary, I believe there are many opportunities that Amanda & Kris would hiccup, my personal feeling it would be Leg 7 in India. I don't think it would change the outcome of the race with Kisha & Jen still winning.

What if a u-turn/double u-turn existed in TAR15's 9th leg?


--- Quote from: Platinum on August 14, 2013, 09:55:06 PM ---What if a u-turn/double u-turn existed in TAR15's 9th leg?

--- End quote ---

Assuming Meghan & Cheyne reach U-turn board first, they would more than likely u-turn Sam & Dan, which was behind them if I remember correctly, or , the Globetrotters, given that they already beaten them in a footrace. In that case, either of them would probably be out and Gary & Matt in final four.

If it was a double u-turn, Meghan & Cheyne would probably u-turn either Sam & Dan or the Globetrotters. If Sam & Dan were u-turned, they would probably u-turn the Globetrotters, if the Globetrotters, either Brian & Ericka or Gary & Matt would be out.

My question: What if TAR18 was a plain vanilla all-stars? Who would be selected and who would likely win it? 


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