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2. Wouldn't really make a big difference... They still would have gotten 4th.

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Why would they still get 4th automatically, the injury was the main reason they were eliminated. Besides 2 other teams got lost looking for the pit stop. Im curious for your reasoning.

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After seeing her run at the starting line sprint, I think she would have made one less attempt run to reach the chicken. Vanessa/Ralph and Brendon/Rachel seemed like they were closer, but if it wasn't for the twisted leg, they would be having a foot race to the Pit Stop and Rachel can beat her. (Vanessa didn't have much endurance during her foot race to the PS in Paraguay.)


--- Quote from: RachelLeVega on December 23, 2012, 10:55:01 AM ---
--- Quote from: TheAmazingRacer on December 21, 2012, 06:13:46 PM ---What if Bopper didn't break his leg in Tanzania?

What if Vanessa didn't sprain her ankle in Cochin?

What if Flight Time & Big Easy didn't give up on the Road Block in Prague?

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1. They would have gotten 2nd or 3rd in the second Cochin leg. Not very likely they will get 1st or 2nd in Osaka despite the game show RB. Finale will be a mystery...

2. Wouldn't really make a big difference... They still would have gotten 4th.

3. Brian & Ericka would be eliminated from the 30-min. penalty and the Globetrotters would get 2nd in Las Vegas. Meghan & Cheyne did everything fairly quickly that leg.

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The 30-min penalty would probably not have mattered unless the Globetrotters would have been stupid enough to do the Beer task (the Golem was faster). I believe that the Globetrotters would have gotten 3rd that leg if Big Easy had gotten the roadblock (or if Flight Time had done it).

What if Uchenna and Joyce got on the flight to Malaysia?
What if Margie and Luke beat Flight Time and Big Easy to the pitstop?
What if Rob and Amber had survived Leg 4 while Charla and Mirna got eliminated?

All season 12:

What if Shana & Jennifer :gaah: found the Fast Forward location and completed the FF?
What if Kynt & Vyxsin's car didn't malfunction in Italy?
What if Lorena's camel did not run out of milk?

For season 4:

What if Amanda and Chris survived the second leg?
What if Cyndi and Russell went to correct city for not catching with trailing teams to the Pit Stop?
What if Tian and Jaree beat Reichen and Chip to the Pit Stop?
What if Kelly and Jon had to use the Fast Forward?
What if Reichen and Chip had to read the clues to the Pit Stop in Sunshine Coast?
What if David and Jeff joined the other two teams at the final city?


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