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Random queston about yellds and u-turns on tar australia season 2


Heres a random queston

Will the producers change the format of the yelld and u-turn to the Israeli version's format (where teams vote for who gets the yelled/u-turned before the leg begins) or will it stay as the US format

I think it may change(to the isreali format) because both the Israeli version and the australian verson have the same producers and production company(active tv)

What do you think

If they do, God bless the producers...

I doubt it. The twist as used in the Israeli version really hasn't worked out very well, and in practice it seems (as the inane Double Battle is) it's more of a way to pad the show to fill two episodes per leg.

-_- The Israeli version is bad. It has taken over TARA. :cmas50

I actually love the Israeli version. Good casting, good locations, entertaining tasks.


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