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S23 EP 15 FINALE "Loyalties Will Be Broken"

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Reilly Queens:

Show contentOzzy comes back to the game, wins immunity, Rick goes home!! Ozzy loses immunity, and of course goes home!

GO SOPHIE! SOPHIERCE, SO REAL, SOPHAB, SOPHINE! She's the only one left I can stomach. Ozzy losing though <333333333333 proof he'll never win Survivor even after 5 chances (CI, Micro, 3 times here!). Also, after much thought, splitting my Fan Favorite votes between Dawn and Cochran in hopes that one of them win though I think Ozzy will win it  :cmas11...or even worse, Russell

Reilly Queens:

Show contentWhy didn't they get rid of Albert first?? :cmas29

Belle Book:

--- Quote from: Joab on December 16, 2011, 11:41:24 PM ---Show contentWhy didn't they get rid of Albert first?? :cmas29
--- End quote ---

If you remember, Albert worked with Coach and Sophie to find the Hidden Immunity Idol.  I think that's when they became the core alliance.  And Coach is very much about loyalty.  He probably won't want to get rid of either Albert or Sophie -- especially since going in, he probably thinks he'll be viewed as better than Sophie and Albert isn't exactly Mr. Popularity.

Belle Book


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