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I only watched 8 minutes of the serie, and I'm already addicted.  :lol: Thanks for the tip!

Reilly Queens:
NEW CLIPS! Though ABC we get it its moving to Sundays :res: :lol:

Reilly Queens:

Hamptons real estate is about to take off. With the premiere of Revenge Season 2 exactly a month away, show creator Mike Kelley has added a slew of new, sexy, and potentially evil characters for the show’s sophomore run.

The list was getting almost too long to manage, so we decided to provide a comprehensive list to help you prepare.

Emily Thorne’s Mother

It looks like the queen of Revenge is actually a princess. In the Season 1 finale, Ems learns that mommy dearest isn’t six feet under like she originally thought. Her mother, Kara Wilkins, will be played by actress Jennifer Jason Leigh, and is supposedly deeply disturbed. Her introduction this season will make Emily question her own path — and her sanity.

Conrad Grayson’s Pre-Victoria Family

The Grayson Global CEO had a wife and kids before marrying Victoria. In fact, the Hamptons queen admits to stealing Conrad from his wife, just like Lydia stole him from Queen Vic in Season 1. According to Mike Kelley, this former family will “come into play in Season 2.”

Hideo Kita

This newcomer is a “brilliant and imposing Japanese business owner in his 40s or 50s. He’ll help Emily, but he’s got secrets of his own.” And we bet he’s got some connections to Em’s former mentor Satoshi Takeda.

Photo Credit: Tim Whitby/Getty Images

This new Brit has ties to Emily’s past and could serve as a love interest for her in Season 2. But the cutie, played by actor Barry Sloane, has some deeper issues and knew Emily at a time when both were “angry kids ... both from the same situation.”

Trey Chandler

To help Declan Porter deal with the private school stress, Revenge is introducing a new “preppy misfit” friend, played by Michael Nardelli, who will try to get the Decster to cut loose and have some fun. We’re picturing a Chuck Bass/Nate Archibald relationship circa Constance Prep days.

Bouncing Baby Porter?

We’re not sure if Fauxmanda’s baby will be born this season, but she’s definitely pregnant. She’s expecting a baby boy, and though she claims he’s fathered by Jack, she and Takeda were gone for a while after the beach shooting...

Photo Credit: Getty Images

After Nolan’s steamy hook up with Tyler Barrol last season, the bi-sexual babe is moving onto something new: a female love interest! Padma, played by Indian actress Dilshad Vadsaria,  is a “gorgeous, fiercely intelligent, pop culture savvy financial whiz who brings her own spin to her job at Nolan’s company.”


Since party planner Ashley Davenport is moving up on the food chain, it’s about time she got a protégé of her own. No news yet on whether this newcomer will be a friend or foe, but chances are she’s up to no good!

Conrad’s New Love Interest

Actor Henry Czerny was clearly not prepped for speaking with the press when he revealed that Lydia Davis will, in fact, be the big death from the Season 1 finale. This opens up a spot on the Conrad Grayson highway of love. Any takers? It looks like Conrad will have his share of romance this season, but there are no concrete details yet on whom he picks.

Daniel Grayson’s New Half Brother

Conrad’s son from his previous marriage (see above) will play a major role this season in making Daniel’s life a living hell. He’s described as “the smart and sexy heir” who meddles in Danny’s personal and professional life.
Victoria Grayson’s Mother

Who taught Victoria Grayson her evil ways? It looks like we’re about to find out. Casting is underway for the woman who birthed the Ice Queen. Will she be even more terrifying than Vicky?


In what’s been called a recurring role, Raymond is a “self-assured Hamptonite with some rough edges. Luckily, he has enough fancy clothes and a nice set of wheels to cover them up — for now.”  A confident millionaire? Sounds like a dangerous combination in the Hamptons.

Photo Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Played by Teen Wolf actor JR Bourne, Kenny is a “magnetic, self-assured Hamptons resident who tries to hide his rough edges behind his fancy clothes and Mercedes.” Kenny sounds a lot like Raymond ... did they get the names mixed up?


No one in the Hamptons is a major fan of Fauxmanda Clarke, so when it comes time for her baby shower, she has to import guests. One of those is Destiny, Amanda’s stripper friend from the good ol’ days!
Nicole Fisk

This ruthless reporter “looking for all the summer scoop” is checking into a missing persons case. She’d better watch her back if she doesn’t want the wrath of Emily Thorne!
Sexy New Doctor

With the murders and drug overdoses that seem to plague the Hamptons, it makes sense that the hospital would require a sexy doc. TV Guide described this newcomer as a “smart and handsome doctor in his late 30s who is the founder of a recovery center.” And though we originally thought he could be a new love interest for Victoria Grayson, he probably will play an instrumental role in helping Charlotte overcome her addiction.

Photo Credit: Chris Weeks/Getty Images

This newcomer will serve as Conrad’s main professional competition. Played by actress Wendy Crewson, this role is currently set as a guest spot with the potential to become recurring.
Hamptons Detective

This snooper is described as a “gruff one, who is looking into a recent missing persons case.” Could it be Victoria Grayson’s escape?

News Anchor

Apparently this missing persons case is big news because Revenge is bringing in a news anchor to “report on the tragic crime.”

New Villain

Actress Emily VanCamp recently revealed that she’s up against a new villain in Season 2 who “broadens the definition of revenge.” No clues on his name (the White-Haired Man didn’t even need one), but we think he might be the man in black Emily threatens in the Season 2 promo.

People From Emily’s Time in Foster Care

We know that Ems was sent to juvie for attacking her abusive foster father. Could we possibly see this flashback? We always love to see a good Emily Thorne ass kicking.

People From “Revenge School” With Takeda

Emily wasn’t the only one who trained with Takeda. This season, we’ll learn more about his character and see some of the others involved in his “Revenge School.” We also know that he’s connected with Emily being tied to the wooden post in the pilot, so we can’t wait to learn more!

Which new character are you most excited for! Tell us below!

Season 2 has started!  :hearts: Gonna watch the first episode tonight :)

Reilly Queens:
omg! Last season Emily used Alison Grodner as an alias, now Jen Johnson is cast as Amandas stripper friend! Jenius! :lol3:


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