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This shows starting soon here and it seems promising.

Reilly Queens:
Anyways Spoiler Tag means Spoiler Alert :neener:

Show contentTyler found the Infinity Box, and kidnapped Amanda(faux)

Glamazon Racer:
They started showing previews for this show in Australia since like last October or November, and it only just finally started on Monday! I loved the first episode! :hearts:

Unfortunately, it is airing in the exact same timeslot as NCIS: Los Angeles and Alcatraz, so I am watching Revenge live and recording the other two to watch later! ;)

Reilly Queens:
Show contentEmily ties Tyler up at the fence to make sure everything in her box is there, she puts her gun down to make sure, but FauxManda grabbed the gun and held her at gunpoint. Emily gives Tyler his money for school, Amanda/Tyler drive away. Tyler says there will be "fireworks" at the party. :o

Reilly Queens:


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